Saturday 23 February 2013

Go Time: Spring Training Opener

I don't know why I didn't build that .gif several months ago, but whatever.  Sportscentre is actually going to be watchable for the first time in months for a reason other than these two geniuses.  Forget Gary Bettman, forget football, forget Sergei BOBROVSKI.  It's baseball day in America.

Nevermind how useless spring training baseball is, because I'd still take it any day of the week over pretty much anything else that's out there.  It's like the people who choose not to watch Community anymore, now that Dan Harmon isn't the showrunner--  Harmonless Community is still better than 99% of the other garbage that's being trotted out there.  Community was excellent this past week, by the way.

I'm trailing off a little.

Your stuff for the day-- and it's really all you're going to need to get through the afternoon-- comprises solely of clips that MLB decided to post on their website, instead of Nazi-ing them all for themselves.  And oh my fuck are there ever some Barry Bonds taters in there.

It's not like anybody is going to play any more than half a game, but:

I miss Don Wakamatsu.

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