Thursday, 14 February 2013

Stuff: Dickey, Buehrle, Mustache

There's Mark Buerhle clearing up some talk about his displeasure of being moved to Toronto.  Basically, the scorn isn't with being in Toronto per se; he's cool with being in Toronto, he was just lied to by the Marlins, which he wasn't fussy about.  Let's not forget either about the Ontario pitbull ban either, which has been talked about ad nauseum.

Buehrle also slips one in there with the rotation-- by the sounds of it, the rotation is confirmed Dickey-Morrow-Buehrle-Johnson-Romero.  I'm not sure if that had been entirely confirmed over the last few weeks, though there had been rumblings about Dickey and Morrow being 1 and 2.

Shi Davidi and Barry Davis discuss the rotation here.

RA Dickey was on Prime Time Sports, albeit briefly, yesterday, calling in from spring training.  He says the arm feels good.  Good.

Gregor Chisolm has an image of catcher Jack Murphy.  More specifically, his mustache.  Wonder if he can catch a knuckleball.  Check his twitter feed for some other pictures from the Jays' camp as well.

Fangraphs Dave was on Clubhouse Confidential, talking about the best offseason moves.  Blue Jays!

Finally, Jon Paul Morosi talks about the hype surrounding the Jays entering this season.  He also slathers praise all over Emilio Bonifacio, suggesting that he should be starting at 2B over Maicer Izturis, if not in CF over Colby Rasmus (and Anthony Gose, for that matter).  Morosi gets input from Dickey, who says that Boni "may even be the X-factor in [the Miami trade]"  That's high praise, given what Reyes, Johnson and Buerhle bring to the table.

Forgive me, but I just don't really see it.  Boni is a high-strikeout guy with no power, and half of his career WAR-value comes from baserunning, and he doesn't hit lefties well at all (.210/.256/.247 career line).  Intangibles, I suppose.

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