Saturday 6 April 2013

Go Time: The Aftermath of the Worst Ever

I don't know how I could do it, but I would really like to look up the worst individual games ever played for this franchise, because what Emilio Bonifacio did last night was probably the worst thing to ever happen to a single Blue Jay ever.

WPA certainly wouldn't work, because practically any blown save of 2 or more runs would have to outdo Boni's performance, simply thanks to the leverage index.  Boni's first two strikeouts and his first error, for example, probably didn't have a massive impact on the outcome of the game last night.  Seems to me as though the other two errors and the other two errors were pretty egregious, at least in comparison.  I'm currently at work, and definitely don't have the time to look such a thing up, nor can I imagine it being all that fun after about 40 seconds, but it might be a project for when I get home.  Still, I can't imagine anyone having a worse game, other than possible doing the exact same thing he did defensively, and grounding in to a bunch of double plays instead of just striking out with guys on base.

Kind of ironic too, that we were all praising Boni for the weakest hit double in franchise history, less than 24 hours earlier.  Again, I'm at work, so I won't do it, but it would be a nice exercise to find all the nice things that were said about him after that hustle double, and to contrast them with all the terrible, vitriolic statements made last night, after three errors and 4 strikeouts, batting in the 2-hole, behind Jose Reyes, who got on base 4 times.

Elsewhere, I thought Josh Johnson was okay, but I'd really like to see a starter get kind of deep in to a game.  Janssen, Oliver and Delabar should all be ready to go after being unavailable for yesterday's game, and Sergio Santos and Aaron Loup didn't pitch last night either.  Cecil, Jeffress and Rogers can come or go as they please, I guess, but I don't think there's a huge worry about any of them.  Rogers looked fucking horrible last night and should probably be DFA'ed to get a position player up here to fill the bench, especially with Jose Bautista still questionable for today's tilt.

By the way, Jose Bautista is questionable for today's tilt, according to Shi Davidi, who says Bautista will either not play, or will DH.

I don't see lineups yet, so fuck it.  Good luck JA.

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