Monday, 22 April 2013

Go Time: Stories

So I wrote that Vernon Wells thing on Thursday, before heading off to the airport.  Spent Thursday through this morning (Monday) in Toronto, and naturally, took in a few ball games.  I have not been on the internet since submitting that post, which I kinda-sorta read through before leaving.  Jeesh.  Either way, I've quite literally missed everything that's happened other than the four Jays' games that occurred since I left.

Went to the Friday game and drank my sorrows away, which certainly loosened my tongue a bit.  Caught up with a few friends, chirped some people, yelled at anyone who was standing in front of me doing the wave, and just generally consumed too much alcohol.  Whatever, it was fun.

Saturday was more or less a write-off, but we walked around and ate at the Hard Rock-- just nothing major.

Went to the Sunday game as well, this time meeting up with 10 other family members (plus the six in my party) and took up a good chunk of a section in the 500's.  Nice reunion, real fun atmosphere, and finally, a victory.  Picked myself up a Jose Reyes jersey, and got a Dickey one for my dad.  That was my 6th Jays game lifetime, and I've got a 3-3 record, so to speak.

One thing we did, besides eating and drinking and meeting up with family, was head down to the Ontario Science Centre, which has the video game exhibit going on for another little while.  Highly, highly recommended. Of course, I went with a bunch of girls, who certainly appreciated the exhibit, but only for about 20 minutes, rather than the 7 hours that I would have preferred.

I picked up RA Dickey's book in the airport this morning, and blasted through the first 100-or-so pages on the plane.  Definitely enjoying it so far.  If anyone has either of Dirk Hayhurst's books, and would like to organize a swap at some point in the future, I'd certainly be interested.

Melky Cabrera looked really, really good at the plate over the weekend, which was great.  I also told a friend of mine that I wouldn't say a mean thing about Adam Lind for two full weeks if he were to successfully draw a fourth walk yesterday.  So, congratulations Adam Lind.  You have two weeks, and I suggest you use them wisely.

The recently DFA'ed Casper Wells has been traded to the Oakland A's for cash.

Some dick working for the Yankees was found to be kicking people out of the Dome this weekend.


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