Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Go Time: Happablap

It's time, once again, for interim staff ace JA Happ to go be consistent.  Here's hoping that he tears up the White Sox batters like Kleenex at a snot party.  Here are your things that you need to know, on this, the eve of Dickey Day.

MLBTR tells us that Alex Anthopoulos is really active on the waiver wire.  I already knew this.

Shi Davidi tells us that Jake Peavy was almost traded to the Jays this past offseason, before all the Marlins mayhem and the RA Dickey trade went down.  The Jays would have given a minor prospect for Peavy and $4MM, which basically means that they'd have gotten Peavy on a 1-year, $18MM contract.  Peavy instead signed a 2-year, $29MM deal with the White Sox in lieu of having the White Sox decline his $22MM club option.

Jose Bautista is out of the lineup once again tonight, which, I suppose, isn't a huge surprise, given his inability to pinch-hit late in last night's game.  No big panic here, I guess, assuming this doesn't snowball the way Sergio Santos' shoulder did last season.  And of course, the Yankees are in town this weekend, so he doesn't really need to be back until the Jays play a halfway respectable team.  Right?

Davis RF
Cabrera LF
Arenicbia C
Edwin 1B
Lawrie 3B
Rasmus CF
Derosa DH
Izturis 2B

Happ P

White Sox
De Aza CF
Keppinger 2B
Rios RF
Konerko DH
Dunn 1B
Viciedo LF
Ramirez SS
Flowers C
Greene 2B

Fucking Quintana P, that creep can roll man.

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