Monday, 1 April 2013


Going to throw out some predictions, and look through Pinnacle Sports and see what kind of fun little wagers we can find.  Ready? Go.

Division Winners:

AL East: Toronto Blue Jays
Al Central: Detroit Tigers
AL West: Oakland A's
AL Wild Cards: Angels, Rays

NL East: Washington Nationals
NL Central: St Louis Cardinals
NL West: San Francisco Giants
NL Wild Cards: Reds, Braves

World Series: Nationals

AL Cy Young: Justin Verlander
NL Cy Young: Stephen Strasburg

AL MVP: Evan Longoria
NL MVP: Joey Votto

Bets that I would consider, from Pinnacle:

1321 Chicago White Sox [to win the ALC]   8.980
1355 St. Louis Cardinals [to win the NLC]   3.980

        1203 Arizona Over 82.5 Wins     1.962
        1209 Chicago Cubs Over 72.5 Wins     1.909
1211 Chicago White Sox Over 81 Wins     2.210
1259 Washington Over 92 Wins     2.040

1001 Atlanta Braves  [Win WS]  15.600
        1002 Arizona Diamondbacks [Win WS]   53.790
1020 Oakland Athletics [Win WS]   33.660

Because I love longshots.

Over-Unders (Some aren't listed, so I'll just toss in a number):

ATL (87.5)-- Over
ARI (82.5)-- Over
BAL (78.5)-- Over
BOS (83)-- Over
CHC (72.5)-- Over
CWS (81)-- Over
CIN (91)-- Under
CLE (77.5)-- Under
COL (70.5)-- Under
DET (92.5)-- Over
HOU (Predicting 56)
KC (77.5)-- Under
LAA (91.5)-- Under
LAD (Predicting 85)
MIA (63)-- Under
MIL (Predicting 81)
MIN (67.5)-- Over
NYY (Predicting 81)
NYM (Predicting 74)
OAK (84.5)-- Over
PHI (84)-- Under
PIT (77)-- Over
SD (74.5)-- Under
SF (88)-- Under
SEA (77.5)--Under
STL (86)--Over
TB (86)-- Over
TEX (predicting 87)
TOR (89)-- Over
WAS (92) Over

Have fun everybody, and remember: mercy is for the weak.

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