Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Shit went down today.  Thoughts:

  • AA mentioned that he's not being all that aggressive in offering Rasmus, which doesn't necessarily mean much.  He could always be lying, or at least not giving the whole truth, but he says that he's probably keeping his core position players for the time being.  He said that he was more comfortable trading, rather than signing free agents, to improve the team, but obviously if the position players are sticking around, it's bullpen, which we already knew, or prospects.
  • Speaking of position players, the Adam Lind to Pittsburgh stuff might have more legs, now that both Corey Hart and Logan Morrison have moved to Seattle-- Morrison by trade, Hart through free agency.  Mitch Moreland is still around, as is James Loney, but at least one of Pittsburgh's targets have been taken away.
  • With all the starting pitcher news we got yesterday, there are quite a few updates.  Bartolo Colon has signed with the Mets for 2 years and $20MM (I had some brief dreams about a Jays' signing last night), Justin Masterson is apparently not being shopped (I had some brief dreams about a Jays trade this afternoon), and the Jays are balking at the cost for David Price (I've always been realistic about Price) and Jeff Samardzija (I'm kind of over the idea of acquiring Shark).  Brett Anderson is also off the market, having been traded to Colorado last night.  Masahiro Tanaka is still probably the biggest catalyst to offseason pitcher movement, and we're likely to have an update on him soon, and we'll likely see Garza, Jimenez and Santana sign soon after we figure out what's happening with all the pitchers.
  • The Jays haven't been tied to Omar Infante yet, at least publicly.  It looks like Infante is looking for something in the 4 year, $32MM area, and that the Royals are currently favored.  Infante projects to be worth 2.2-2.5 WAR this coming season, depending on which projection you're looking at, which doesn't sound like the kind of guy you'd offer four years to, at least to me.  If he finds four years, he should take it and run.  I'd be a lot more comfortable with three years, and can see the Jays getting involved if he doesn't get four.
  • Brandon Phillips is still available, apparently.  Again, kinda depends.
I dunno.  These meetings have been boring.  Everything happened last week.  Hopefully some nonsense takes place tonight before everyone leaves.

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