Monday, 9 December 2013

Winter Meetingy Stuff!

The first thing I did after making my last post (about Roy Halladay) was google image search Bartolo Colon's name, and try to find an image of him at his most rotund.  That took about four minutes, because every picture of Bartolo Colon has him looking very rotund, and I just couldn't settle upon one.  Until I settled one this one.  So there he his, in his rotundy glory.

As for Colon the person, his name popped up in a Jays rumor today, and for some reason, it kind of surprised me.  I guess I just kind of assumed that Colon would go back to Oakland and I pretty much forgot that he was a free agent.  The idea of Colon on a one-year deal, coming off a 3.9 fWAR, 5.0 rWAR season kind of sounds way better than Ervin Santana, Matt Garza, or Ubaldo Jimenez on a 5-year deal.  I'm sure we all know that Colon's 6% HR rate in 2013 is a product of Oakland's spacious ballpark (and even Seattle and Anaheim's spacious parks if we look at his inside-the-division away games), but that's what your xFIP is for, and he performed better on the road this past season than he did at home, so he still presents a halfway decent option.  You could definitely do worse.

Speaking of doing worse, Eric Thames got released today.  By the Astros, of all teams.

The Jeff Samardzija talks are still a thing.  The Jays' name didn't come up, per se, but there are rumblings of a trade and the Jays certainly seem like a potential fit on this one.

The Jays, Rangers, and a mystery team apparently had a deal in place that would have sent Sergio Santos somewhere, but someone failed a physical.  If that sounds a bit vague, well... it is.  Jon Morosi and Ken Rosenthal are breaking that one out, and they say that it wasn't Santos who failed the physical, so at least that's good news.  Too bad Rosenthal and Morosi didn't name names, because that would make this a whole lot more believable, but I wouldn't mind seeing someone else take on that contract and have to make a tough-ish decision as to whether giving Santos $6MM is a good idea or not.

Santos is set to make $3.75MM this year, before becoming kind of expensive and optiony-- the Jays have three club options ($6MM in '15, $8MM in 16, $8.5MM in '17) that probably won't be worth it if he's not rackin' up them saves or whatever's important. Santos was fucking lights out in limited action this year, and if he doesn't get traded, I'll probably make a .gif of every breaking ball he throws this year, the way I was planning on doing this past year until he got hurt and I started drinking in the mornings.

Seems tough-- Casey Janssen is a free agent next year, and Santos, when healthy, is probably the next best pitcher in the bullpen at the moment, making him the most likely closer in the event of Janssen bailing.  Of course, he's fucking useless when he's on the shelf, as he's been for all but half a season or so during his two years in a Jays' uniform. $6MM is cheap for a closer on the free agent market these days, and even $8.5MM isn't too bad when it's a club option.  Hard to say what I'd do, but I guess the return is a pretty important factor.

Elsewhere, Shi Davidi is telling us that Thad Weber is going to be posted sold to the South Korean SC Dinos.

The Pirates are still apparently in on Adam Lind, especially after James Loney's pricetag is way too high, though there isn't a whole lot here, as that post turns in to a really big "Logan Morrison is getting traded soon" thing.  Hopefully he goes somewhere other than Pittsburgh.

Pat Hentgen on the FAN 590, talking about Roy.

Gregor Chisolm has Gibby's media scrum from this afternoon.

AA was interviewed today about some potential moves that he could make this week.  Might turn these last two in to it's own post with more details.

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