Tuesday 7 February 2012

2012 Previews: Seattle Mariners

GM Jack Zduriencik has basically done what Alex Anthopoulos has done, except it's taken him one more year, and he's done it worse in every way.  Which makes him a pretty good GM, overall.

The Majors
Well, they've got Felix.

The Minors
This farm system is really good.  Like, battles-the-Blue-Jays-for-the-best good.  The Jays have a much deeper system, but what the Mariners lack in depth, they make up for in awesomeness.  A few of them should find themselves in the majors this year, where they will meet guys like Dustin Ackley and Jesus Montero.  The pitching prospects are crazy good, and they should all be coming in to their sweet-spots right around the time the Angels begin their collapse a few years from now.  It will be interesting to see who gets there sooner; the A's or the M's.  Both systems are good and will probably improve.

The Verdict
I think I overestimated the M's when I was previewing the A's.  The Mariners won 65 games last year, and have improved their roster, but with the leaps that the Angels and Rangers have made, I don't really know if they can win the 72 that I had them pegged for originally.  Jesus Montero isn't some fucking savior that's going to mash 80 bombs and win 15 games on his own, and you have to remember that his addition is also a subtraction of Michael Pineda.    For consistency's sake:

Prediction: 71-91, 3rd in the AL West

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