Thursday 16 February 2012

Trevor Bauer Bought a Camera

That's D-Backs' prospect and 3rd overall selection in the 2011 draft, Trevor Bauer, giving us a couple of super-slomo vantage points at his delivery.  He also spoke with about his pitch arsenal.  Basically, what I'm getting from this is that he is going to be the internet's favorite baseball player really soon.  He throws nine pitches!  Hat tip to KyleB of drivelinebaseball for the Bauer gif.

Bonus long toss video featuring Bauer, showing us how to throw 97MPH:

It would appear that some Blue Jays have reported to spring training early for some workouts and hitting practice and whatnot, unless these pictures are old.  Bautista, Lawrie, Lind, Snider, and Chris Woodward are all there, apparently.

It looks like the AJ Burnett deal is going to happen either today or tomorrow, according to MLBTR, via Buster Olney, Jon Heyman and Jim Bowden.  It shouldn't be a biiiig deal, but it looks to me as if the Pirates are going to overpay for him, based on my analysis of Burnett's value that I wrote last weekend.  Related, it would appear that Burnett vetoed a trade that would have sent him to the Angels in exchange for Bobby Abreu, since Burnett doesn't want to play on the West Coast.

Jorge Soler worked out for the Jays this weekend.

The Jays rank 6th on the ESPN "Future Power Rankings" (insider only), which looks at MLB talent, minor league talent, finances, management, and what they call mobility (I'd probably call it flexibility, since they describe it as "are they old and expensive, or young and cheap?)  Anyway, the main problem is that the Yankees, Rays and Red Sox rank 2,3, and 5 respectively.

The new season of Survivor started last night, and it's divided in to teams by gender.  So far, women are fucking terrible at everything.

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