Tuesday 28 February 2012

MLB '12 The Show Roster Preview

This can't really be worthy of a whole post, can it?  Operation Sports has a few preview videos of MLB '12 The Show, and among them is a quick preview of the top 9 players from each roster.  Here's his youtube page.

That little screenshot alone shows us that the Jays' best players are, in order, Jose Bautista, Francisco Cordero [note: What the fuck?], Ricky Romero, Sergio Santos, Darren Oliver, Brandon Morrow, Yunel Escobar, Jason Frasor, and ringin' up the rear (of the front), Brett Lawrie.  It would appear that Bautista is signed on for just the 1 year, as opposed to the 4 more (plus an option) that he's actually signed on for.  Santos is also signed through 2014 with 3 club options, but appears to be signed on in the game for his regular service time.  Some of the contracts in the game are pretty funny though.  Like Ryan Howard's deal only being for $4.2MM/yr, instead of the actual $25MM value.

Speaking of contracts and stuff, I just checked the Jays' Cots page, and uhhh... something kind of struck my eye: the word combo "club option" is listed on that page 46 times.  46!  The Jays have 3 club options on Lind and Santos, 2 on Escobar, and 1 on Morrow, Oliver, Janssen, Davis, Bautista and Romero, plus the exercised options on Encarnacion and Frasor.  A little ephemera for you.

It looks like the Astros are still the Astros.  Brett Myers, the innings-eating starter, has been named the team's closer, on this, the third day of Spring Training.  Sounds dumb, but probably worth a look in your fantasy pools if you're short on those.  Look for the Astros to fill Myers' rotation hole with another replacement level scrub who can only throw about 120 innings in a season.

Joey Votto was asked about playing in Toronto, and apparently didn't seem to enthusiastic.  Must be the turf.

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