Friday 24 February 2012

A Week of Stuff in One Day

I've been working all week, and typically only write stuff on days that I don't work.  In terms of hours, this was a good week, and thus, I have hardly updated this thing.  I've been working as a substitute teacher until I can find something permanent, and I think things can only go down from here.  Yesterday, I wrote outlines for two 2012 previews, which will probably go up tomorrow (TBR and TEX), plus wrote an outline for a post at Nowhere Plans, which went up this morning and can check out, if you're at all interested in Survivor.  Then I dunked a basketball in front of 14 5 year-olds while sitting in for someone else's gym class, and instantly became the coolest person on the planet in their eyes.

The weird thing is that despite essentially missing a week of updates, I've only started missing writable content over the last day or so.  There were a few things that I could have included in a stuff post, but nothing really important enough to warrant it's own post (other than stuff that literally everybody everywhere has already written about).  With that little preamble-ramble, here goes:,, and all have backlogs of meaningless fluff pieces about not very much from over the last week.  I planned on glossing over all of them, but even the worst laid plans something something.  One of them is about how Colby Rasmus didn't like STL, and now has longer hair.  I wish I was lying.

Ryan Braun won his appeal yesterday, probably due to a chain of custody technicality.  Follow Victor Conte on twitter for some real gems.  Google "Victor Conte" if you don't know who that is [hint: he was Barry Bonds' trainer/roid supplier].  This is one of those things that everybody everywhere has written a lot about, despite not really knowing a whole lot about the drug testing/appeal process, so I won't bother.  I'm sure you can find something about this on literally every baseball blog in the history of the internet, so if you really need more, go nuts.  What I liked was this one, courtesy of Tango.  Basically, go bet on the Brewers before the odds change, if they haven't already.

2012 ZiPS projections are out, and Dave Cameron of Fangraphs had a look at the top 5 non-pitchers at each position (I assume pitchers will be done soon if it wasn't done already... I haven't checked yet, since I'm a few days behind on posting links).

1BlueJaysWay is doing his/their annual 25-man-roster-athon.  Go do that.  You could win a Randy Knorr something!  I went with the obvious choices, plus Perez in the pen, Thames in LF, and Mccoy/Francisco/Mathis/Davis on the bench.

Gregg Zaun was on Prime Time Sports on Wednesday, I think, and he called out Colby Rasmus as being a not-hustly guy.  You can watch that below, or check out what Stoeten wrote at DJF, complete with retorts from John Farrell.  Remember, Zaunny didn't like the Jays' offseason, and has a pretty negative outlook on the whole scenario.

Carlos Beltran paid Jon Niese to go get a nosejob.

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