Wednesday 1 February 2012

Mastro DFA'ed, Francisco Official

The Jays have DFA'ed Darin "Don't call me Joey Jeremiah" Mastroianni to make room on the 40-man roster for Francisco Cordero, whose 1 year, $4.5MM deal became official today when he didn't fail a physical, sadly.  Seriously, Cordero is just going to be Jon Rauch all over again.  Gladly, Farrell said that he's "learned from his mistakes" when it comes to managing the bullpen, so maybe it won't be so bad.

In other news, we have a Q&A session with Travis d'Arnaud on

We also have a mailbag with Jays beat writer Gregor Chisolm.  Questions range from "retarded" (Duh, who's the closer?) to "who gives a shit?" (Where's Shawn Camp signing?)

There was a Fangraphs "After Dark" chat last night, with a couple of Jays tidbits, and since this is a slow news day (again), I may as well:

Comment From Blue Bomb
What do you think of Henderson Alvarez and Josh Collmenter?
Paul Swydan: I like Henderson Alvarez a lot. Collmenter, not so much. The first slump he goes through could be his last as a starter, as Skaggs and Bauer and others (Miley?) may be knocking down the door soon enough.
Chris Cwik: I like them about the same. Collmenter seems to get by a bit more on deception. I'd like to see Alvarez strike out more guys in the majors, though.
Jeff Zimmerman: Alvarez K's just too much [note: ?] and not sure he will get it together
Collmenter is OK
Comment From Ken
If the Reds are out of it at the break next year (unlikely) don't they have to trade Votto? I don't see any way they can afford to extend him in light of the last few FA deals for 1st basemen.
Paul Swydan: I don't see them being out at the break, though.
Jeff Zimmerman: It depends on what they can get. I may be best for them to get the pick(s)
Chris Cwik: They would probably have to entertain it, because it doesn't look like they can sign him. You know, if they are out of it somehow. I'm not going to copout like Paul. 
Comment From Mike 
I read both Dan's and Howard's articles today, your thoughts on Snider vs. Thames?
Paul Swydan: I would prefer to see Snider get all the PT.
Chris Cwik: You didn't read mine, but you expect me to answer?
Jeff Zimmerman: Thames is the better all around player
Chris Cwik: I'll do it anyway, because I'm nice. I like Snider.
 Comment From McNulty 
Broken prospect trade...Brian Matusz for Travis Snider. Who hangs up?
Paul Swydan: I would think the Blue Jays.
Chris Cwik: Toronto...I'm concerned Matusz could be hurt. Last season was a disaster.
Jeff Zimmerman: Neither, they both need a new setting.
Comment From plasmaj 12 team keeper league ( keep any 4 players, no limits ). For 4th keeper (first 3 are Halladay, C Lee, and CarGo), , Andrus, Lawrie or B Phillips?
Paul Swydan: Lawrie. Andrus second. Phillips third.
Chris Cwik: I would keep Lawrie.
Paul Swydan: If your league counts defense, I might be tempted to keep Andrus.
Jeff Zimmerman: Take a chance on Lawrie
Jeff Zimmerman: lawrie is more of an unknown, but higher upside
Comment From McEwen Ricky Romero improved performance or regression?
Paul Swydan: I will take regression. But I still like Romero.
Jeff Zimmerman: some regression, but there is some good things to like about him.
 So there you have it.  That's how we turn one piece of news and 3 little blurbs of nothingness in to a whole post!

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