Saturday 9 June 2012

Bullpen Disasters

Just kind of expanding on my last post ("post")... do you guys remember Casey Janssen?  Yeah, well he hasn't pitched since like Sunday.  Oh but he's the closer, so let's save him for later, and stick in Coco.  Now, I'm not going to sit here and say that the loss last night was Coco's fault, because all he did was induce a weak grounder to 2nd and then maybe throw another pitch or two.  It's just that Coco stinks, and is fresh off of stinking the night before, and shouldn't have been stuck in to the game when he was.  It doesn't change anything, but Jesus Christ, why give him the chance?

Beyond that, Chad Beck pitched in a tie game.  I don't even.  I watched this game at the bar, and therefore didn't have sound on, so maybe I missed something? If so, please inform me, but this whole thing seems fucking braindead (not a balk by the way).

And this is a real question, by the way: is it actually kind of hard to manage your bullpen in an NL game, when you're an AL manager and don't usually have to worry about shit like this?  Like, I think we all know how I feel about Drabek as a major league pitcher (and pitchers batting, for that matter), but I still understand the thought process behind trying to squeeze one more inning out of him, since the pitcher spot was due up first in the next inning. That plan needs to be scrapped fucking instantly when Uggla walks and Heyward is coming up though.  Personally, I'd let CharlieV pitch that inning, but Perez is a reasonable option so long as YOU DON'T TAKE HIM OUT OF THE GAME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INNING, BURNING UP ANOTHER PITCHER SINCE YOU CAN'T LET HIM FUCKING HIT.  If you want to get through the inning with 1 pitcher, yank Drabek and trust a reliever. Ugh.

Over it.

Jose gets a Zaunhead for last night.


Tim Hudson has been scratched from his start tomorrow, and Julio Teheran has been recalled to make a spot start.

In recent "small sample!" news: Rasmus is 2-for-14 since his 5-for-5 game.  I'm sure people are going to shit all over him, using that arbitrary endpoint.  I'd just like to remind everybody to give it a minute.  I prefer Rasmus at the bottom of the order, but only because I think Kelly Johnson should be up there, but whatever.  I think Rasmsus is fine there.

And the Jays are apparently looking at Carlos Quentin.  I'm going to make a full post about this.

Lawrie 3B
Rasmus CF
Bautista RF
Edwin 1B
Johnson 2B
Escobar SS
Davis LF
Mathis C
Hutchison P

Bourn CF
Prado 3B
Mccann C
Uggla 2B
Heyward RF
Freeman 1B
Simmons SS
Constanza LF
Hanson P

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