Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rick Rolled

Really awesome image courtesy of John Lott
Uh, yeah.  I suppose we'll ignore this one too.  Zaunhead to Jose for destroying a ball and hitting a Red Sox fan's truck. Presumably.

Things don't get any easier today, as Mike Trout comes to town.  I suppose the rest of the Angels are going to show up too, but who gives a shit, really?  Whatever, I hate watching Boston games, so whatever.

First and foremost, Trevor Bauer pitches tonight in Atlanta.  I suggest skipping the Jays game.

My piece on the Youkilis trade was up on Nowhere Plans the other day, but I forgot to link it.  Here goes.

Fangraphs' Eno Sarris examines Ricky Romero's struggles this season.  I think the main thing that we have to take from this piece is that Romero outperformed his peripherals last year, and that the expectations were probably a bit high coming in to this season based on some unsustainable numbers last season.

Also at fangraphs, Dave Cameron presents his stat nerd All-star roster for the AL, in which you'll find Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion, with honorable mention going to Brett Lawrie and Colby Rasmus. I assume Brandon Morrow would have been in there had he remained healthy, but that's just me.

Speaking of Morrow, John Lott lets us know that Morrow is feeling no pain in his oblique, and that he has began throwing lightly. No timetable yet.

Lott also tells us that CharlieV is going to stay in the rotation beyond his scheduled spot start on Friday.  He says that he's ready and willing to stay there.

Still with Lott, Henderson Alvarez is apparently showing some normal swelling in his arm, and isn't a concern going forward.

Finally with Lott, here's a piece on Casey Janssen and his fast closerness. Actual closer, Sergio Santos, still has no timetable for his return, as the swelling in his arm is still fucking him around.

The Phillies DFA'ed Chad Qualls, and the White Sox DFA'ed Will Ohman, both of whom aren't Jesse Chavez, Robert Coello, or Scott Richmond.  Just saying.

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