Wednesday, 29 August 2012

He Was Good!

Naturally, he didn't get any run support, save for an Adeiny Hechavarria homerun (wait, what?).

I'm heading to work pretty soon, so, again, we're going to half-ass this one.  As if this season couldn't get worse, Jose Bautista has opted for a season-ending surgery to repair the sheath covering a ligament in his hand.  He should be ready to go for next spring.  Having said that, Sam Fuld went ahead and got the same surgery at the end of last season, and then re-aggravated that injury earlier this year, missing another coupla months.  Fuld has apparently reached out to Bautista to have a quick chat about the injury, so that's pretty good.

If that wasn't bad enough, Marcus Stroman, a 2012 Jays draft pick, has been suspended for a PED case.  Liek everybody who has ever been suspended for PEDs, Stroman claims to have taken an over-the-counter nasal spray that unknowingly contained a banned stimulant.  I mean, there were pictures of him and his father hanging around on the internet, and they're both fucking massive.  Draw your own conclusions.

No Rasmus in the lineup today.  I assume that it's because he's a career 0-for-6 against CC with 5 K's for his career.  Mike Mccoy bats 2nd and plays in CF.

And there's no time for anything else because the game starts in like 4 minutes.  Good luck Happy.

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