Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Working Man

Too fucking busy lately, now that I'm some fucking working stiff and not some lazy-ass kid sitting on the couch all day everyday.  As result, I've got the energy to stay awake until about the 6th inning and that's about it.  So yeah, last two nights, I haven't fucking bothered to stay awake to see the Snider trade and the beginning of the Steve Delabar era, respectively.  We'll go with Lawrie for last night, and uhhh... I dunno, Snider for Monday?

Have you guys seen this fucking lineup?  Ugh. This is depressing.  Wish we had a power lefty bat with loads of potential.  At least we have our ace going tonight.

Bautista is eligible to come off the DL today, but that's not going to happen.  His wrist just isn't quote feeling up to it, I guess.
Elsewhere, Farrell is thinking about a 6-man rotation, or throwing Happ in there to replace someone.  Woteva.

Lawrie 3B
Rasmus CF
Edwin DH
Johnson 2B
Escobar SS
Cooper 1B
Davis LF
Mathis C
Sierra RF

CharlieV P

Ackley 2B
Saunders CF
Montero DH
Jaso C
Seager 3B
Wells RF
Carp 1B
Thames LF
Ryan SS

Beavan P

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