Tuesday 14 August 2012

Post First-Pitch Stuff

Looks like the Jays extended catcher/reliever Jeff Mathis.  Two years, $3MM with a club option worth another $1.5MM.  To me, this sounds like they want TDA to spend at least some time in the minors next year, given his early end to this season.  It's not like having too much catching depth is a problem, but clearly, come say, halfway through next season, assuming nothing changes, there are going to be three catchers battling for two spots.  Mathis getting an extension seems to cement him in for the backup role, so uhhh... keep a bag packed JP.

As for the contract itself, I meh.  Mathis has been worth about half a win to this point in the season, making $1.5MM, which certainly does give the Jays some surplus value (0.5 WAR is worth about $2.5MM).  He would have been a free agent after this season.  I dunno, seems like it's about fair, since his offensive numbers were always getting kind of dicked around under Mike Scioscia, though entering this season he was the worst offensive player in the history of the MLB, so who knows what the real Mathis is anyway?  And it's not like he's for sure for sure still going to be around in 3 years time, so fucking relax already, will you?

Lol Red Sox, and then another Lol Red Sox for good measure.

And from last night: if you didn't already hate Hawk Harrelson, you probably will after you see him ask Adam Dunn's dead center, moonshot, blastoff, fuck-clobbering of a homerun ball to "stretch".

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