Tuesday 28 August 2012

More Pain

I mean, it's just Henderson Alvarez and Aaron Laffey, but still.

If you missed it, Alvarez took a comebacker to the right shin, and Aaron Laffey left with a shin contusion after suffering the same fate.  There's no word (yet) on how long they'll be out, if at all, but it's not like either guy is anything more than replacement level at this point in time anyway.

Colby Rasmus though, right?  The result of his 3-run HR last night?  A tidy .665 WPA.  He can have a Zaunhead.  On a rate basis, each Zaunhead is probably worth about .225 WPA (or vice versa, I guess), so we really should give him two, since that HR itself was worth .706 WPA, which, I`m guessing, is one of the bigger plays of the season league-wide.

As for other stuff, Brett Lawrie's rehab isn't going exactly smoothly.  I wouldn't mind seeing him just get shut down completely for the rest of the season, since there's not much need for him to play now, but that's just me.  John Lott wrote about that.

Beyond that, Roy Oswalt has cleared waivers, and Dice-K is on waivers.  The Dodgers are looking for pitching, so if you're bored today, MLBTR might be the place to be today.  Dice-K pitched pretty well last night, and has about $2MM on his contract this season before becoming a free agent.

Ricky Romero tonight, pitching in Yankee Stadium.  Hide your kids.

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