Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I saw a guy with a Troy Glaus Shirsey today.

He was at Home Hardware.  Buying some kind of leak sealant, which may or may not be fitting, due to Glaus' skeptical defense.

Sourceless Stuff
Go to MLBTR if you want the extended version of this.

Hanley Ramirez was traded to the Dodgers late last night, which should (hopefully) quash any Ramirez-to-the-Jays nonsense on my twitter feed.  The A's were interested, but couldn't get a deal done.  They might now look to Stephen Drew or Yunel Escobar, if either is available.

Related, apparently the Jays are looking to move Yunel Escobar.  I dunno how fussy I am about this one, though I guess Adeiny Hechavarria can't be a whole lot different, considering Yunel's batting line so far this year.  His defense has been pretty good, and from a WAR standpoint, Ramirez would be an expensive downgrade, and he's probably not best suited to be a SS/3B for much longer.

Cole Hamels signed an extension with the Phillies today.  7 years, $144MM with an option and a buyout.  So yeah, he won't be coming to Toronto either.

Jayson Stark doesn't think Josh Johnson will be traded this season.

Joe Blanton is fairly sure to be moved, as is Francisco Liriano.  Randy Wolf is available for nothing to a team willing to pay his salary.

Joel Sherman thinks the Jays would like to move Yunel, and are interested in Jose Reyes, who only has 5 years left on his deal so he wouldn't be off-limits to the Jays is probably an idiot.

Hold you pants this next week, my friends.  It's going to get wild.

Last night's Zaunhead goes to Travis Snider, though JPA and Cecil definitely get honorable mentions.  JA Happ is not making a good first impression, but the guy isn't exactly used to coming out of the bullpen in to a runners-on-base situation, nor should he have been left in as long as he was, so... John Farrell.

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