Thursday, 5 July 2012

Staff Ace Charlie

Look at that happy little fucker.  You wonder what the hell he was doing as the long man in the bullpen this whole time, huh?  Having said that, he started for a little while last year and ended up fizzling out like an old Lada about halfway through the year.  Apparently all that weight that he lost over the offseason was part of his conscious decision to prepare for this season as if he were starting, and adapt to the shape of a reliever, as opposed to the other way around like last year.

So yeah, he's been a little breath of fresh air during the harsh times that we've had since Brandon Morrow went down, and he can have a Zaunhead for it.  While we're at it, Casey Janssen and Darren Oliver (and any relief pitcher that doesn't come in for mopup duty, really) so rarely get chances to be the Zaunhead recipient, despite the amount of shutdown innings that they've thrown over the last little while, so we're going to be nice and give them a Zaunhead each, just for kicks.  You know, to get them on the board.

"Ricky" Henderson Alvarez will go tonight for the Jays in the finale against the Royals, who counter with Luke Hochevar.  A nice outing would go a long way towards my not hating him.

The Jays optioned Scott Richmond to AAA, and have recalled pitcher Sam Dyson from AA New Hampshire.  I don't know shit about Dyson, but Mike Cormack's twitter says that Farrell claims that Dyson may have the best 'stuff' in the organization, and was a first round talent before some injuries struck.

John Farrell was on the FAN590 this morning, discussing some stuff like trades and Sergio Santos.  I haven't listened to this yet, but I'm hoping MLBTR do a handy-dandy bullet-point offering of the interview.  I might listen to it tonight or tomorrow, provided I have time.

[Just kind of listening through at the moment, and Farrell says he wants another starter, or two if the market provides it.  Hahaha.  Join the club.  Seriously, I'm working on a piece that previews the trade deadline, and pretty much every team is going to be looking in on adding starters, so not only will prices be sky-high, but fuck giving up a pile of prospects twice.]

Jamie Moyer hasn't been called up yet, and the Jays haven't made a decision about what to do with him.  They might suggest that he makes a third start at AAA, if he's up for it, according to Mike Cormack.  Moyer, of course, has a clause or handshake agreement or whatever, that suggests that he would make two starts, and then either be called up, or granted a release if Moyer so desired.  Moyer has had one good start, and one really bad one in AAA.

Sportsnet's Barry Davis says that Dustin McGowan is headed to see a specialist about his shoulder pain.  He also tells us that Brandon Morrow is ahead of schedule, and that Sergio Santos is back to throwing with some intensity.

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