Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Hey, so this blog sucks lately, huh?  The weather has been fucking fantastic lately, so I've been spending most of my time at the beach, and thus, not really spending a whole lot of time writing or watching baseball.  Thems the breaks I guess, huh?  I'll give Edwin a Zaunhead, because suck it Adam Lind.

And it gets better; CharlieV tonight!  He'll go against Luis Mendoza of "McBain" fame, hence the video above.  That's a Simpsons reference, if you're retarded.

Looks like Adam Lind is back and will get every opportunity to prove otherwise!  He'll bat 5th tonight, with Kelly Johnson zipping on down to 8th.

The Jays have made another signing or two in the last couple of days, including lefty Jose Castillo.  I can't imagine they have any of their international spending budget left, but who knows?

Buster Olney of ESPN (insider) is telling us that the Jays came 3rd in the Yu Darvish bidding, behind the Rangers and Cubs.  Cheap fucks!  But really, Olney doesn't cite his source, and Alex Anthopoulos sure as shit didn't release anything about that, so this sounds like fucking horseshit.  Here, I can do this too:  A major source close to everybody tells me that the Blue Jays are checking in on Cole Hamels, but are a bit gunshy of the asking price.  See, it's not fucking hard.

Ken Rosenthal thinks the Jays should deal Colby Rasmus while his value is high.  That also sounds fucking asinine, since he's 25 and a centerfielder who has 16 HR's and has already been good.  I dunno, maybe Rosey is just a Rasmus-hater.

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