Sunday, 15 April 2012

Catching Up

Got too drunk! Needed sushi!  Didn't write!  And really, uhh... uninspiring play, so fuck it.

Zaunheads going back to Friday's game... you see, here's the problem; we can look at the win probability leaderboard from fangraphs and see that Adam Lind was the Jay with the highest WPA, despite going 0-for-3 with a walk, but fuck him.  Going by process of elimination, Rasmus and Bautista were the only people to get on base twice, and even Bautista had a negative WPA.  Rasmus was the best of a bad thing, I guess, so he's going to get it, even if I feel dirty about it.  John Farrell, by the way, really mismanaged his bullpen, leaving Darren Oliver in there for way too long.

Next, for yesterday's game, Rasmus was clearly the best Blue Jay on the field, with 3 hits and a nice little catch in CF.  Don't look now, but Rasmus is your runaway Zaunhead leader for the season, thanks to his ever-elusive double-Zaunhead.  I'm not sure that makes his doubters a bunch of jerks, or just tells us that this offense really has to pick up their pants, or if it's some combination of both.  Shows you how the small sample of 7 games matters-- he's batting .214/.258/.393 on the season, thanks to a rough start.  Kelly Johnson, meanwhile, has only 1, despite being the Jays leader in HR's, runs, WAR, and probably everything else.  Basically, ZH's are completely useless and just for fun, kind of like RBI's.

 Hey, Brett Lawrie: If you don't mind, try not to steal home with Jose Bautista up, the bases loaded, and 2 outs in the inning.  Hammel is a shit-baller, and the runs are going to come if he keeps throwing straight 90-MPH fastballs over the middle of the zone, so let's try and allow the best hitter on the team to do his thing out there, huh?  There are a few quotes here on the situation from Lawrie and Farrell.

So there you go.  Santos has been activated from the paternity list, so I assume everything went well with that childbirth thingy.  Aaron Laffey has been sent back to AAA without even appearing in a game.  Evan Crawford was called up the other day when Santos went on the PL, but gets to stay at the expense of Laffey.

It appears that Brandon Morrow was suffering from blood-sugar nonsense Friday night, thanks to his diabeetus.  Excuses excuses.

Dustin Mcgowan is set to resume throwing, according to Gregor.

A really nice piece at Baseball Prospectus about command and control, from Adam Sobsey.

It was Gregg Zaun's birthday yesterday, and I'm going to guess that he got laid.

I think today is the Jackie Robinson day, where everybody wears his number 42 and probably gets a nice big video package memorial thing.

Today: Drabek.  Let's try and beat Baltimore today, please.  I'm guessing Nolan Reimold is this year's version of JJ Hardy, in terms of fucking the Blue Jays hard.

Escobar SS
Johnson 2B
Bautista RF
Edwin 1B
Lawrie 3B
Francisco DH
Rasmus CF
Davis LF
Mathis C

Drabek P

Orioles are taking forever to announce their lineup, so I'm guessing
Reimold LF
Hardy SS
Markakis RF
Jones CF
Weiters C
Betemit 3B
Reynolds DH
Davis 1B
Andino 2B

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