Friday, 6 April 2012

First Place!

So that was fun, huh?  First Zaunhead of the year goes to Jose Bautista.  He also happens to be the leader in fangraphs-WAR, though they aren't updated to reflect today's (Friday) games, and Carlos Pena has himself a nice little day out there.  I got stupid drunk last night while watching the game.  The innings just kept coming, and so did the beers.  I broke a nice little 6-year vomit streak, so I'm not catching Jerry Seinfeld until I'm at least 37.

I actually got up this morning, still drunk, and watched the highlights of last night's game, and frankly, I don't remember a lot of it.  I'm told that all of the Jays' relievers pitched, but I really just don't remember seeing Francisco Cordero, Darren Oliver, or Carlos Villanueva, which is weird, since they threw a combined 3+ innings.

Speaking of Jays relievers, nice little job by Luis Perez, going 4 innings in relief.  Too bad Farrell doesn't know the rules yet, and sent Perez back out to warm up instead of getting Santos in and ready in time.  And throwing Adam Lind out there in the 4-hole doesn't really help.

I'm going golfing tomorrow morning, so I doubt I'll have time to make a post before the game.  Afternoon game, and we'll get to see Brandon Morrow go out and toy with the Indians' lineup.  Ubaldo Jimenez, appealing his suspension, will start for Cleveland for the time being, until he's ultimately suspended for five games for throwing at Tulo the other day.

By the way, Blogger's new layout is AIDS.

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