Sunday, 8 April 2012

Still First Place!

Man, this is fun.  Would have been nice of Sergio Santos to not "BJ Ryan" this one, but what can you do.  Would also have been nice of JP Arencibia to not make that error, which led directly to the Kipnis HR and the end of a no-hitter.  I'd be insane if I didn't give Brandon Morrow his first celebratory Zaunhead of the year, even though I forgot who started yesterday until about 10 minutes ago.  I also forgot that I had a blog that I regularly update until about 15 minutes ago, so, I dunno, maybe I should lay off the liquor or something.

Haven't done a batch of stuff in a while, so let's have a quick look at the internet.  I'm just going to link to John Lott's twitter page, where he'll show you that Asher Wojocowski (or however the fuck you spell that) and Deck Mcguire had pretty rough outings for Dunedin and New Hampshire, respectively, among other minor league performance reports.  Lott is a must-follow, by the way.

Apparently they sell these in Toronto now?

I don't think I linked to this yet, but it's the fangraphs organizational ranking piece about the Jays, who they ranked 9th, 1 spot higher than the Rays.  They also claim that there's some serious dynasty potential.  Yep, that's fine with me.

Shi Davidi says that Dustin Mcgowan will start throwing soon.  He's got plantar fasciitis, if you've been living on Mars.

Elsewhere in baseball, apparently Jamie Moyer has faced 8.9% of all hitters.  Ever.  That's fucking mind-boggling.  This was the trivia question in the Rockies game yesterday, a feature that Jays games don't have, by the way.

Escobar SS
Johnson 2B
Bautista RF
Lind 1B
Encarnacion DH
Thames LF
Rasmus CF
Mathis C

Carreno P

Indianos [/spanish accent]
Brantley CF
Cabrera SS
Choo RF
Santana C
Hafner DH
Duncan LF
Kotchmann 1B
Kipnis 2B
Hannahan 3B

Lowe P

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