Friday 13 April 2012

First Place (tie)!

It's convenient that I didn't write anything yesterday, because the Rays lost to the Tigers, giving me a topical title, since that put them back in to a tie for first in the AL East with our Toronto Blue Jays.

Just a few housekeeping items today, since I probably won't be around when lineups get posted, but who knows.  We owe Ricky Romero a Zaunhead, and Sergio Santos an apology for Wednesday's game.  Romero looked a little shaky in the second inning, giving up a few hard liners in the 2nd inning, if I remember correctly, and then obviously the walks in the 9th, but he was pretty fantastic for the rest of it, getting 17 consecutive Red Sox out at one point.  Sergio Santos also came in slammed the door.  His appearance had a leverage index of like 3.91 or something ridiculous like that, and he just went and got a strikeout and groundout. So yeah, call for his head after two appearances all you want, just make sure you shut your damn mouth immediately afterwards.

Anyway, Baltimore comes to town tonight for a weekend set.  They started the season 3-0, by virtue of playing pretty well, and playing three games against the Twins.  They answered that hot start by getting swept by the Yankees, though they did a nice job of getting the Yanks to use up some bullpen arms.  Brandon Morrow, Henderson Alvarez, and Kyle Drabek will pitch these three games for the Jays.  Tommy Hunter goes for the O's.  Hopefully JJ Hardy gets the weekend off.

Something Jays-related that I read yesterday while at work was this piece about Blue Jay prospects by Jason Parks (@professorParks on twitter) of Baseball Prospectus.  Really taking the negatives here, but meh.

Fangraphs examines Tim Lincecum's early season struggles.

A couple defensive blunders were captured in .gif form last night.  First, Torii Hunter runs in to a wall:

And then Matt Garza, looking to close out his complete game, misses 1B by 12 rows.

Finally, fun factoid of the day: Madison Bumgarner and Jamie Moyer faced each other in the COL-SF matchup.  Moyer, 49, is 27 years older than Bumgarner, 22.  That is the largest discrepancy in age between two opposing starters since 1965.  These hilarious Moyer facts just never quit.

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