Monday, 2 April 2012

Ubaldo Throws at Tulo

Ubaldo Jimenez didn't get the same contract extension love that Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki got when he was still in Colorado, which made him jealous and sad, and forced the Rockies to trade him to Cleveland.  This is old news, but if you didn't know about it, those are the cliffs notes.  Last week, Tulo and Cargo spoke to media about Ubaldo, and more or less called him a baby for not sacking up and playing hard, and there was a little war of words between the three.

Fast forward to last nights' spring training matchup between the Indians and the Rockies.  Unsurprisingly, Ubaldo threw at Tulo, hitting him on the elbow.  Causing benches to clear.  Tulo had to leave the game, but was found to have no structural damage, and shouldn't miss any time, which is great, but we might see a suspension for Ubaldo, since intentionally throwing a 95MPH fastball at someone is chickenshit.

If Jimenez gets suspended, which he should, in my opinion, his first start of the season, scheduled to be on the 7th of April against the Jays, would be pushed back.  This would probably move Derek Lowe up a day, and then Josh Tomlin would probably move up to pitch the third game on the 8th.

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