Tuesday 13 November 2012

How This Works

K, that other post is getting too long.

Here's what I'm thinking right now, in no particular order.

Oliver has to get his shit together and decide whether or not he's playing next year, because if he isn't, the Jays have to go find another lefty.  I don't trust Aaron Loup to be 2012 Aaron Loup going forward, simply based on a really small sample.  Cecil can probably slot in there, but he sucks.

I hope I'm not being greedy when I say that I'd love to see AA go grab another starter.  Happ just doesn't do it for me out of the rotation, and I'd be a fuck of a lot more comfortable with Happ in the bullpen instead of entrusting everything to Loup, especially if Oliver retires.  This can hopefully attract a free agent?  McCarthy? GREINKE?!?!?!?

Does this even happen without the Vernon Wells trade?  Probably not.

The offseason moving forward: SP is probably taken care of.  Johnson/Morrow/Buehrle/Romero/Happ is probably going to be the rotation this year, and, frankly, despite what I wrote above, that's pretty good.  I'd still love to see someone else tossed in there over Happ, but even if that doesn't happen, this is a pretty good pitching staff.  That's one glaring hole that's patched up.

Maicer Izturis is probably the answer for 2B.   Whether or not it's the correct answer is still uncertain, but uhhh...  who cares?  At worst, Bonifacio can make himself useful all over the place, and Mike McCoy is still around, as far as I know.  Izturis isn't overly likely to set the world on fire, but it's no biggie.  He can probably be close to league-average at 2b. Izturis can provide defensive value, and there isn't exactly a whole lot out there for 2B's on the market anyway, trade or free agent.  Plus, I doubt they give him 3 years just to go out and look for someone else.  They'll give him at least a year.

LF or DH is where my focus is right now.  Rajai Davis and Adam Lind are still on this team.  I'm not sure to what extent, but (unless they're involved in the trade) they're still here.  Davis had a good year last year filling in, and Lind showed some signs of another outlier in the second half of last year, but holy fuck, there are a lot of available guys out there to play DH or LF, or even 1B if needed (i.e. Edwin DH).

You're pretty much all in now; go get me Josh Willingham.  Stick him in LF against righty pitchers, 1B/DH him against lefties.  Davis (LF/Bench) and Lind (DH/Bench) platoon.  One of them per day, with splits in their favors, is a lot better than both of them everyday.

I'd flip Bonifacio for something, if possible.

The Jays still have catching depth.  Buck, Wilson, JPA and TDA.  Wilson can probably be DFA'ed safely if they need a roster spot, but still.  Depending on where Mike Napoli lands, Texas will probably need someone to catch, as will the Yankees, Mets, and maybe White Sox, just off the top of my head.

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