Tuesday 13 November 2012


6:33 ET: Holy shit.  I'm excited.  So excited that I forgot to actually write something before posting.

Looks like a huge fucking trade is coming on.  As of now, Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, and Mark Buehrle are coming to Toronto.  Henderson Alvarez and Justin Nicolino appear to be joining Yunel Escobar and Adeiny Hechavarria on their ways out of town.  This ain't over.


6:36 ET: Emilio Bonifacio and John Buck coming too.  That sounds awesome to me.  Rasmus is now expendable.  Rajai Davis is now expendable.  JPA is now very expendable.  Good god, so many people are expendable.

6:40 ET: Oof.  Marisnick gone.  Straight to the feelings.

6:45 ET: The Jays have FIVE (!!!!!) catchers on their 40-man roster, unless one of them is involved in this deal.  Which is fucking scary to me.  Nicolino and Marisnick are two pretty highly regarded prospects, so that's enough, TDA moving scares my cock off.  Take JP, take Mathis, or take Bobby Wilson.  I've been too amped to see TDA in a Jays uniform to have to get this close.

Of course, this is just me being irrationally attached to someone that I have no way of evaluating, and if the shoe fits, then yeah, make the fucking trade.

7:00 ET: This is what Josh Johnson looks like.  Real good pitcher.  Had some injury issues in 2011, and maybe a bit of an off-year in 2012 for his standards, but he's 30 and awesome.  He's owed $13.75MM this year and will be a free agent after the 2013 season.  Naturally, he'll probably be worth draft pick compensation after  2013.  Old habits.

Buerhle has been pretty solid for his whole fucking career.  He's got a no hitter and a perfect game under his belt, as well as 11 (ELEVEN!) consecutive seasons with 200 or more innings pitched.  Pretty awesome when you consider what happened last year with the starters.  There's definitely value in being able to throw that many innings without breaking down, no matter how effective a pitcher he is.  Fortunately, he's plenty effective.  Whether or not he can hack it in the AL East may be a different concern.  He doesn't strike many batters out, but he doesn't walk anybody either.  Yeah, that's cool, but uh... I dunno, Henderson Alvarez didn't walk anybody either and look at what that got him.  He's worth entirely too much fucking money over the life of his contract ($11MM in '13, $18MM in '14 and $19MM in '15), after having a nice backload on his contract ($6MM last year for 3.2WAR was nice).

Reyes is the prize pig here.    Legit all-star shortstop.  He's been an injury concern for literally his entire career, save for last year, where he played 160 games.  He's a career .291/.342/.440 hitter, and he won't be 30 until mid-2013.  He's signed on through 2017 (2018 option) for like $96MM.  Holy fuck that's a lot of payroll commitment.

7:10 ET: Looks like it's Marisnick or Gose, as well as one of JPA, Bobby Wilson or Jeff Mathis, says JP Morosi of Fox.

Continuing, Emilio Bonifacio has the ability to play all over the diamond (like, literally, in the last three years, he's played everywhere but 1B, C and P), and has good on-base skills.  He steals bases like a motherfucker, and is a switch hitter.  He's not your typical LF, but that's probably where he's going to slot in.  I'm going to say that he's better than Rajai in pretty much every sense of the word.


7:20 ET: John Buck had one good season in a ballpark that was tailor-made for him.  Fortunately for us, he'll be returning to that ballpark.  He's entering his final year of a 3y/18MM deal, that has seen him put up less than a (r)WAR.

Dunno what the Jays have planned here with all of this catching depth, but who cares?

7:28 ET: On one hand, this is sweet.  From a more objective standpoint, Jeffrey Loria is really, really bad for baseball.  He completely fucked the Expos, and uhhh... we're watching what he's doing to the Marlins.  Rebuild for 6 years, sign a bunch of expensive free agents, tank, trade them all, repeat.  This is going to be the big take from this deal.

MLBTR (via Morosi) tells us that this trade has brought non-arb commitments of the Marlins down to $16MM, versus the $100MM payroll that they started the year with.  You wonder why there are like 9 Marlins fans out there.

SBNation also writes.

Giancarlo Stanton is pissed, apparently.


7:45 ET: Spitballing here, but Toronto Blue Jays 2013:

Lawrie 3B
Reyes SS
Bautista RF
Encarnacion 1B
Rasmus CF
Izturis 2B
d"Arnaud/JPA/Buck C
Bonifacio/Davis LF platoon
Lind DH?


Oliver (?)

I probably forgot someone or something, but holy shit.  Baseball!

7:47 ET: Mathis gone.  Probably the highest paid Marlin now.

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