Friday 16 November 2012

Jays Sign Melky Cabrera

Yeah, you weren't kidding, Ken Rosenthal.  The Jays weren't done.

Two years, $16MM for a guy who put up 4.6 WAR over 100 games and change.  Left field is solved.  It's proven; the Jays didn't just go out there and acquire these three guys to sit there and hold their dicks.  No more half measures, Walter.  We're going to do this?  We're going to do this right.

What else is awesome about this?  Rajai Davis moves down on the depth chart.  He can still conceivably DH or spell Bautista in right against lefty pitching (i.e. Bau can DH), and he can take his rightful spot on a bench to pinch run for catchers and DH's in the 7th inning onwards against righties.  If someone gets hurt, you've got a reasonable replacement that can platoon with Anthony Gose.  Speaking of whom...

Anthony Gose can start the year in Buffalo. Suddenly, you don't have to worry about stunting his growth; he's only 21 after all.  He's been one of the youngest players in every single level that he's played in throughout his brief professional career, and has seen some reasonable success, so it would be cool to see him get some extended time at one level and let him kick some ass in AAA for a year.  We don't need another Travis Snider situation on our hands here.  He's certainly a reasonable platoon replacement if anybody happens to go down to an injury as well.

 Brett Lawrie doesn't necessarily need to bat at the top of the order, and neither does Colby Rasmus.  Let's get some guys who can get on base on fucking base for the big hitters, and stop those little fucking fleas from getting picked off.

We're like two weeks in to the offseason, and the three biggest weaknesses having been addressed.  Your move, rest of baseball.

By the way, as of right now, I see something like:

Reyes 6
Cabrera 7
Bautista 9
Encanacion 3/0
Lawrie 5
Rasmus 8
Arencibia 2
Lind? 0/3 against RHP.
Izturis 4

Bench can be a catcher, Davis, Bonifacio, Mccoy?  Sierra?  Who fucking cares?

I also wrote this, before the Melky deal.

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