Saturday 10 November 2012

Stuff: Upton, Germano

That's Justin Upton.  He's good at baseball, and is only 25 years old.  He's been a regular in the majors since he was 20, and has been worth 13.9 bWAR since then.  He's also signed to a reasonably team-friendly contract (6y/$50MM) that will pay him $9.75MM, $14.25MM and $14.5MM for the next three years.  Despite all of this, the D'backs apparently would like to unload him in a trade.  Kevin Towers has been looking to move Upton for the last three off-seasons (apparently) and all of a sudden he goes and puts up 2.1WAR like some league-average hack.  Know something we don't, Kevin?

Anyway, I'm too hung over to just spitball at what the Jays should offer for Upton, so I won't bother.  I think I read that the D'Backs are looking for infielders that can help now, and I doubt Hechavarria is good enough, even as part of a package.  Not only that, but Bob Elliott tells us, forcibly, might I add, that the Jays are probably not going to make a deal for Upton.  I mean, there are 29 other teams out there, so just based on pure math, yeah, the Jays probably aren't going to get him.  Still, no context or value to that tweet at all.  I hate shit like that.

The Jays have gone out and signed Justin Germano to a minor league deal, which includes an invite to spring training.  He's not very good.

Shi Davidi was talking to Alex Anthopoulos at some point yesterday.  Anibal Sanchez is looking for 6-7 years, and $90-$100MM at the moment, and apparently the Jays are able to spend that much over a long-ish term contract, if they want.  They're also apparently willing to break their 5-year cap on contracts.  I like that rule, to be quite honest.  Davidi also says that AA trusts Carlos Villanueva to go 30 starts a year, and that he's never doubted CV.  News to me.

Here's Davidi, talking about the GM meetings.

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