Thursday 15 November 2012

Not Done

This kind of works in two ways...

First, the trade isn't official yet.  Ken Rosenthal reports that Jose Reyes was on vacation in Dubai when the trade went down, so gathering up 12 guys to get physicals done on short notice was even harder than you'd have first thought.  Either way, it should be done tomorrow, I guess.  MLBTR has a smattering of links that suggests that other owners/teams (and Bud Selig) are pretty unhappy with the trade, but there's no real reason to veto this deal.

Secondly, AA is still looking for pitching.  Let's fucking go.  What do you have planned for the next while, Brandon McCarthy?

Elsewhere, David Price and RA Dickey won some Cy Youngs, and Buster Posey and Miguel Cabrera are your 2012 MVP's.  Not Mike Trout.  For some reason.

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