Saturday 17 November 2012

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Ken Rosenthal suggests that the Marlins made a verbal promise to both Mark Buehrle and Jose Reyes when they signed in Miami last offseason.  The promise was that, despite a lack of no-trade clauses in their contracts, they wouldn't be traded over the course of the term.  That, of course, didn't happen.

Jon Morosi ultimately shits on the Jays and their acquisitions of Reyes, Johnson, and Buehrle (this was written before Melky's signing), claiming that the Jays still have some questions (on November 16th?!?!?), such as a lack of a manager, a lot of injury potential, AND NO TEAM CHEMISTRY.  Don't even know why I link this shit.  One really valid point that he makes while stretching this whole thing out over a couple hundred words is that the Jays don't have any real impact lefty bats.  Bautista, Encanacion and Lawrie are probably going to be supplying the bulk of the power, and all are right-handed bats.  Reyes and Melky are switch-hitters, but don't hit for much power.  Rasmus should provide some power, but he's more likely to hit 20 HR's while OBP'ing under .300 for the year.

That kind of points me towards Adam Lind.  Lind has a career .358 wOBA against right-handed pitching, and had a .343 wOBA vs RHP last year, including the low babip and demotion-related struggles.  If he can be platooned entirely to the point where he just never, ever faces a lefty pitcher, he can certainly provide a full win of value, even at 1B/DH.  And it's not like you need and impact lefty in the lineup.  It would be nice, but meh.

I linked this at the bottom of last night's post, but here it is again: a slightly more level-headed, not cumming-in-my-pants take on the Jays' haul, again, before the Melky signing.

Fangraphs wrote about both the Melky signing, and the fantasy and prospect impact of the Jays' recent roster shuffle.  Fangraphs also has Marc Hulet on their audio podcast, talking about prospects.  He doesn't really mention the Jays a whole lot, but they mention off the cuff that he's updated his top-15 prospects list in wake of the trade that moved 3 of his top-15 to Miami.

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