Thursday, 1 November 2012

Stuff: Davis, Oliver, Papi

The Jays have exercised the $4MM club option that they held on Darren Oliver.  The 43-year old still probably has to make a decision about whether or not he plans to retire.  I don't know if he still gets that money if he does retire or not, but meh.

The Jays also declined their $3MM option on Rajai Davis, instead opting for a 500k buyout, and then they re-signed him for $2.5MM, making either zero, or the slightest of difference, possibly in terms of tax purposes.  Davis would have been eligible for arbitration, and probably would have made more than that $3MM total, so I'm confused, but won't really let it bother me for long.  I know that players who go through the arbitration process are only guaranteed 1/6th of their contract if they happen to be released at any point in time during spring training, so I dunno if that played in or not.  Doubt it.  If Davis gets traded midway through the year, it might be slightly advantageous to AA; Davis gets $500k now, and will be paid the remaining $2.5MM in equal installments, which means that he'd have about $1.1MM due to him from the trade deadline onward, as opposed to $1.5MM.  I dunno, just spitballing.

David Ortiz and the Red Sox appear to be making progress towards a new deal, writes MLBTR  Signing him to DH was a pipe dream anyway.

Also at MLBTR, they run down the top 50 free agents and their predicted destinations.  Only Edwin Jackson signs with the Blue Jays, in this scenario.  They've got Carlos Villanueva signing in Kansas City, with no mention of Jason Frasor, Kelly Johnson or Brandon Lyon.

The Angels dealt Ervin Santana and cash to KC in exchange for nothing.  ANA saves money on the buyout, and gets a non-prospect that they didn't have in exchange for a pitcher that they weren't going to bring back anyway, and KC gets a pitcher with a 5 ERA for $12MM.  Seems kinda crazy.  Look for the Dan Haren stuff to be sorted out today.  The Angels hold an option for $15.5MM on Haren and it doesn't look like they're going to exercise it, but will rather look to trade him to a team that will.

Finally, the Jays have claimed Scott Maine off waivers, and have DFA'ed recent claims Scott Cousins and David Herndon.  It seems like everybody they claimed were simply taken with the intention of squeaking them through waivers again over the next couple of days and acquiring some minor league depth.  The Jays needed some room on the 40-man roster to welcome back Sergio Santos, Dustin McGowan, Luis Perez, Kyle Drabek and Drew Hutchison.  Drabek and Hutchison (and probably Perez) will be placed back on the 60-day DL when that becomes an option.

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