Thursday, 12 May 2011

Holy Cow!

Yeah, safe.  Cool right?  9 runs.  Against the best team ever.  Holy shit that was joy to watch.  Though, to be honest, we can thank Terry Francona for this one.  He opted to leave John Lackey in there for what seemed like 4 days too long.  Farrell would have yanked him in the 4th inning I'm sure (rightly so).  I mean, he wasn't (read: isn't) very good last night (read: ever anymore).

And holy bottom of the order production Batman.  The 7-8-9 batters for Toronto went 6-for-10 with a walk,  6 RBI and 5 runs scored.  Johnny Mac was trending on twitter last night, and deservedly so, after hitting a solo shot and a 2-run double in the 5-run 7th, earning himself a Zaun-head.  Oh but wait, Rajai Davis went 4-for-4 with 2 steals and 2 runs scored, ALSO EARNING A ZAUN HEAD! Oh my god the carnage.  Two Zaun heads, I can't even believe it.  But seriously, both of those guys deserved it, because they both played a hell of a game.  I didn't know who to give it to, so I asked Gregg Zaun on twitter who he thought deserved it.  At first he said Johnny Mac, but then asked if they could share it.  Yes.  They can share it. (I'm @alexgrady80 if you're not following me, he's @greggzaun.  If you're on twitter and not following Gregg Zaun, you're seriously doing it wrong.)

And let's not forget about ole Gingerballs.  He went out and pitched pretty decently, going 5.2 innings allowing 6 hits and 3 runs.  That HR he gave up to Adrian Gonzalez was, surprise surprise, on a decent pitch down and away, and I'm not sure any other hitter in the majors hits that ball out of the park.  The fact that this game was played in The Rogers Centre The Skydome didn't really help hold that ball in either, but hey, Adrian Gonzalez is good at baseball.

It's an offday today.  Boring, right?  Sucks that this was only a 2-gamer, the way the Jays played these last two games, especially after the shitkicking the Tigers delivered.  At least Minnesota shows up tomorrow.  They've been fucking awful so far this year, and Joe Mauer is out of the lineup, so that's good news, from a Jays standpoint anyway.  Twinkie Town has more on the sad state that this offense is in.

Around the League

San Diego doubled their season output (not really) by scoring 8 runs in the 8th off Milwaukee pitching, winning 13-6.  They were up 5-0 after the top of the third, only to lose that lead when Milwaukee scored 2 in the 4th, 3 in the 5th and 1 more in the 6th to go down 6-5.  Then Milwaukee's bullpen gave up 8 runs on 9 hits and a walk.  Good one.

Royals' super prospect Eric Hosmer hit his first career homerun in front of his friends and family, and then knocked in the game winning run in extra innings.  Here is a link to the video of an interview with his family (Bonus: AJ Burnett makes an error during said interview!), as well as a look at the HR and the RBI sac fly.

The Phillies won a wild won last night, bailing out Cliff Lee.  He gave up 3 runs over 6 innings, leaving with his team down 3-0.  The Phillies answered with 2 in the 7th, 1 in the 8th and 2 more in the 9th to secure a 5-3 win.

Coupla Links

Apparently they used fat from the body to repair a torn labrum in Bartolo Colon's shoulder last year.  Clearly not a lot though, amirite?  If this remains legal, this looks like it might be a breakthrough in terms of pitching arm surgery, given Colon's performance so far this year.  Apparently the doctor who performed the surgery likes to use HGH, which is banned by the MLB, so this might get investigated and outlawed in the future.

Kendrys Morales is out for the season, according to MLBTR via CBS sports.  He broke his ankle last year stomping on home plate after hitting a walk-off homerun, and will now require a second surgery.  Mark Trumbo has filled in quite well in Anaheim and appears to be the first baseman of the future, so I wouldn't be surprised if Morales' days in Anaheim were done.

And finally, Hong-Chi Kuo has been placed on the 15-day DL with anxiety problems, with people calling it another case of the yips, which is funny.  Yips is originally a term used in golf, where an otherwise good putter just can't make short putts, but it has eventually evolved in to a simple nervous twitchity mental mindfuck thing.  If anyone's been around baseball long enough to remember former Yankee's 2B Chuck Knoblauch getting boo'ed out of New York because he couldn't throw to first from 50 away, that was yips.  And of course, our own Gregg Zaun suffered from this too.  But look how awesome he turned out!

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