Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Tuesday Morning Musings

Alright, so it's been a big couple days around here.  From what I understand,the Taliban caught Obama, and The Conservative Party of Canada won an award for best erection.  This is a baseball blog.

The Jays open a 3-gamer in Tampa tonight.  Jojo Reyes will get the loss against Wade Davis, yet another young pitcher for Tampa who has been cheap and effective.  Evan Longoria chooses a great time to get un-injured, as he returns tonight.

There's nothing Jays-related to recap, so let's go around the league.

Lance Berkman continues to make me look silly.  He hit another bomb last night, his 9th.  That signing is looking real good so far; despite the fact that he shouldn't be playing an outfield position, he's actually been right around league average to this point.  The fact remains that he probably won't be anything special defensively from this point forward, not to mention the fact that he bumps Matt Holliday to RF (who is also shutting me up by being decent in RF so far), which sounds just ugly to me.  Either way, having those two hit as well as they have has done more than enough to make up for the (expected) defensive deficiency, defined by defunct and daft dudes determining D.

Ethier Watch!: Andre Ethier extended his hit streak to 28 games, half of Joe DiMaggio's record of 56.  People are going to start overreacting about this soon, updating their blogs daily about just this type of thing.

I don't fucking like him at all, but Dustin Pedroia had a cool at-bat last night, fouling off NINE pitches against Jered Weaver.  Boston finally solved Weaver, who had previously embarrassed every lineup he had faced.  Pedroia's single on the 13th pitch of the AB knocked in 2 runs, giving Boston a 3-2 lead that they would not give up, especially after they scored 6 more in the 7th.

Hideki Matsui hit a walk-off homer in the 10th inning for the A's.  Too bad nobody was there to see it.

Update-- Holy poop.  No Bautista tonight.  No.  Bautista.  But there's this:
Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista has been voted the Budweiser Presents American League Player of the Month for April. Bautista hit an American League-leading .366 (30-for-82) with five doubles, a triple, nine home runs and 15 RBI in 24 games in April.
Good boy.

Toronto'ed Blue Jays

Davis RF
Patterson CF
Escobar SS
Lind 1B
Rivera LF
Arencibia C
Cooper DH
Encarnacion 3B
McDonald 2B

P: Tampa Bay Reyes


Fuld LF
Damon DH
Longoria 3B
Zobrist RF
Upton CF
Rodriguez 2B
Shoppach C
Johnson 1B
Moar Johnson SS

P: Davis

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