Saturday, 7 May 2011

Hustle and Heart

I think that, by now, we can all tell that I like JP Arencibia.  I understand that JP is, in all likelyhood, just a placeholder for Travis D'Arnaud who is a year or two away, and that he isn't as good of a pure catcher as Jose Molina, but the dude just seems to bring it an awful lot, and deserves way more credit than he gets, especially since he's a rookie.  That little divey thing he did in the first inning last night was cool as shit.  Then he went and earned himself a Zaun-head by getting 2 hits and knocking in some guys.

Adam Lind continued his hot play, and probably would have gotten a Zaun-head, but he already has 4, and, as previously mentioned, I don't know how to do the crossity tick yet, so have some patience.  Another tater, man. Who do you think you are?  2009 Adam Lind?

And how about Jesse the Body Litsch-tura?  Dude pitched his gingery little balls off.  That was a career-high 9 K's by the way.

Quickly, Around the league:

Jaime Garcia took a perfect game in to the 8th inning, before walking someone, and then losing the no-hitter against Yuniesky Betancourt next batter.  It wouldn't have been an official no-hitter/perfect game since Yuniesky Betancourt was one of the batters. (That's a joke).

Cliff Lee had 16 strikeouts against Atlanta, reinforcing the popular opinion about him that he is a good ball-throw-guy.  Too bad he gave up 3 runs early, and the fact that Derek Lowe threw for the Braves, and brought a no hitter in to the 7th, didn't really help Lee's case. Lowe was also hit in the back with a flying half of a broken bat, but was fine.  Still kinda scary though.

Ethier Watch!  30 straight games with a hit to start the season now for Andre.

Boston furthered their legacy of GOAT team, taking solo last place in the AL East after losing to, of all teams, Minnesota, the last place team in the division that THE CLEVELAND INDIANS are leading.  Really hope those assholes don't turn it around, even though they probably will.

I mentioned KC Royals super-prospect Eric Hosmer was called up yesterday.  He made his debut last night, going 0-for-2 with a couple walks.

Early start today for the Jays and Tigers, with this one beginning at 1PM ET.  Ricky Romero gets the nod for the Torontos, so here's hoping the oblique strain wasn't anything serious and that he's ready to go.  Oblique strains are (apparently... I have no personal experience) pesky little injuries that can flare up at any point if they aren't completely healed, so I hope for my own sake that he's fully ready to go.

 I think Brad Penny is going for the Tigers, but I'm not 100% on that, and don't really care since it's the Tigers.  I won't be around for the game, as my sister is graduating today and I have to go eat sushi.  I really REALLY like sushi.

*Update!* I thought it was Sunday.  Game starts at 4ET.  Sushi was amazing, thank you for asking.


Escobar SS
Patterson CF
Rivera Sigh
Lind 1B
Arencibia C
Encarnacion 3B
Cooper DH
McDonald 2B
David RF

P: Romeo


Jackson CF
Sizemore 2B
Ordonez RF
Cabrera 1B
Martinez DH
Peralta SS
Raburn LF
Avila C
Inge 3B

P: Verlander

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