Wednesday, 4 May 2011

May 4- Jays vs. Rays


No really, sportsnet 1 kind of sucks.  Of course, when I say "kind of" I mean that I don't really care, since I get the channel at home, and I'm getting even more baseball than I used to.  I assume that if I didn't get it here, then I'd be pissed, but whatever.  It comes free with the digital cable, along with all the other sportsnet channels, so to me, it's somewhere between a minor inconvenience and "Oh boy! Cricket is on!".  But for everyone else, fuck you Rogers!

They should have put last night's game on SN1, because that smelly fuck Jojo was starting, but nooooo, Morrow gets the SN1 treatment.  Aahhh well.  Seems like this guy only pitches against Tampa these days, but remember that time last year when he brought a no-hitter in to the 9th against TB, striking out 17?  Yeah, me too.

Here's some stuff that I'm not complaining about:   John Lott of The National Post says that Jose Bautista could play Sunday, after feeling much better this morning.  He's been given meds and ordered to rest following an MRI that determined no structural damage, so that's a fresh air breath.  Aaron Hill is also scheduled to be back Sunday, after he gets 3 rehab assignments Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Bad news: David Price is probably pitching tomorrow.  He wasn't supposed to originally, but Joe Maddon tweaked the rotation to fuck us around.

Davis RF
Patterson CF
Escobar SS
Lind 1B
Rivera LF
Encarnacion 3B
Cooper DH
Molina C
McDonald 2B

Pitching: Brandon "Ricky Ro" Morrow


Fuld LF
Zobrist 2B
Damon DH
Longoria 3B
Joyce RF
Upton CF
Kotchman 1B
Brignac SS
Jaso C

Pitching: Neimann

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