Friday, 19 August 2011

Cecil will try to Harden Oakland's chances of a win, plus Linkdump

No, you come up with something better.  I'm not completely sure why this guy picture comes up when you google "Cecil", but I'm using it now and forever.

Some quick reading material for you, presumably to read on the toilet.  I assume that's why they call it a link "dump".  Because nobody is pooping these links, right?

Remember like 2 days ago when Brandon Morrow said that he likes "nerd stats", and that they make it quite obvious that he's had a pretty good season to this point?  Well.  Someone linked me to this piece today.  It provides indisputable evidence that Morrow is the 2nd best pitcher in the American League, behind only Ricky Romero.*

JaysJournal evaluates Jesse Litsch's performance as a reliever to this point, pointing out how well he's done and that he may be better suited for relief pitching instead of starting. They also claim that if left in the bullpen, Litsch will become the greatest relief pitcher in recent memory*

Doesn't have a ton (read: anything) to do with the Jays, but the Pittsburgh Pirates are focusing their attention in the wrong place, though they aren't too far off.  MLBTR's Tim Dierkes has learned that the Pirates are close to signing  Jose Tabata to a contract extension, which really makes me wonder what the hell they're planning with Andrew Mccutchen, and why they haven't figured that out yet.

Finally, this will be the best thread that the internet has ever seen.

No wait, actual finally is a quick fist bump to Team Canada at the Little League World Series.  They're from Lawrie Langley, BC, and won their first game today against Saudi Arabia (despite that entire team being a bunch of Americans) on a walk-off passed ball/wild pitch thing.

* May not be exactly what the article claims.

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