Sunday 14 August 2011

I did not see that coming

Yeah, after looking at the lineups before yesterday's game, I honestly thought to myself "Sweet Jesus.  Get Aaron Hill in to that lineup and you've got what is actually the worst possible lineup the Jays can put out on that field".  Then I remembered that Jered Weaver was pitching, and thought "Sweet Jesus.  Why don't you just hand the no-hitter, Farrell."  Boy, is my face red.

Naturally, Ricky Romero went out and no-hit the Angels for a while, and pretty much did what he normally does.  He's only allowed 11 hits in his last 31 IP, which I hear is pretty good.  After the game, he was quoted as saying "Just being consistent, throwing strikes, getting quick outs and getting deep into games.  There’s really no other formula. I’m kind of just going out there and competing. The key for me every time I go deep into games is strike one. That’s big with me, and when I do that I feel like I’m in control."  He must not have seen the first inning, where he threw 10 straight balls before getting out of the jam.

Adam Lind hit a grand slam, which is pretty good.  Edwin hit another homer.  Ricky Romero whooped.  Eric Thames walked twice for gods sake.  This was literally the best case scenario we could have ever possibly hoped for, and with half the bench playing.  Though, I suppose, without Aaron Hill in the lineup, that's what you get.  Maybe we can see a little more Mac for the rest of the year.*

MLBTR reports that the Jays have signed third round draft choice Josh Stilson.  A commenter reports that his name is actually John, though.  I dunno.  That goes along with a couple other non-Tyler Beede/Derek Norris selections that I don't particularly care about, though third round is pretty good.

*Jose Bautista and Colby Rasmus are back in the lineup, but it looks like Mac is going to get another shot at 2B today, with Aaron Hill getting another chance at bench play.

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