Monday 22 August 2011

Hey so Louie did okay!

So that was a tandem 1-hitter between Casey Janssen and L(o)uis Perez.  Not so bad.  A quick Bautista tater and you've got yourself a 1-0 win.  I'm going to make a judgement call here and give Zaunheads to both perez and Janssen, and if anyone's got a problem with that they can just go follow me on twitter (@alexgrady80).

Worth noting: Aaron Hill, the worst hitter on this team, hit leadoff for some reason in yesterday's game.  I just struggle so hard to see the logic in taking your #8 hitter, the guy who has sucked really bad throughout the last 3 months, and all last year, and saying "Yeah, Hill fits in the leadoff spot without Yunel in the lineup."  There were literally 6 better choices yesterday for the leadoff hitter over Hill.  How about Lawrie?  Wouldn't that have been cool?  You still get the R-L-R-L-R-L thing in the lineup (which really matters a lot less when the regular lineup ends with 3 R's, but we can ignore that for a minute).  How about Rasmus?  He's swinging a bit better lately.  How about Bautista?  Sure, it's not traditional, but it guarantees your best hitter more plate appearances.  How about Edwin?  Hottest hitter in the lineup, so the same reasons that applied to Bautista can apply to Edwin, plus it's more likely to get runners on for Bautista.  How about Thames?  He's just straight up better than Hill.  John McDonald?  Despite a small sample size, he has better offensive numbers than Hill by a pretty wide margin (~65 OPS points).

I mean, I'm not going to get in to Jose Molina's .948 babip or anything, because we all know what we really have there, so basically Mark Teahen and Jose Molina are the only candidates who are worse are equally bad.  It's just the most important spot in the order, no big deal.

Anyway, on the injury front, Adam Lind's MRI on his wrist showed no fracture.  With yesterday's benching and today's offday, we can safely expect him to be back in the lineup tomorrow, maybe the next day.  Bautista's neck is obviously OK, as he played and homered yesterday.


  1. Am I the first person ever to comment on your website?

    Anyways, I like reading your stuff. Keep up the good work.

  2. Haha, no there's a few out there. Wouldn't mind a few more though. Thanks for sticking around though.