Thursday, 18 August 2011


Everybody's favorite Type-1 diabetic, Brandon Morrow, went out and destroyed some fools last night.  It's really a shame that striking out every single batter you face takes so many pitches, because holy fuck man.  I'm wondering if the gun was a little off, because Morrow doesn't usually throw as many 97 and 98MPH bombs as he did last night, but I'm not complaining (Pitch f/x tells me that his average fastball was 96.3MPH, with a max of 98.4, so it was probably fine).  Maybe that's why he struck so many people out.  If you somehow missed, Morrow struck out 12 over 6 innings, allowing 1 ER and 3 hits.  Easy Zaunhead for guy.  Morrow also happened to hit Casper Wells in the nose with a 97MPH fastball, which probably felt fucking awesome.  Turns out it's not broken or anything.  M's manager Eric Wedge said after the game that they "dodged a bullet", which is probably about the worst analogy you could ever use for such a scenario, since, you know, he didn't exactly dodge it, per se.

Adam Lind, Edwin Encarnacion and Colby Rasmus all hit taters to get the Jays out to an early lead.  Too bad they got no-hit by the worst bullpen in baseball from Rasmus' lead off homer in the 4th until the end of the game.

Hey, speaking of Morrow, he may very well be just as nerdy as I am.  For some reason, the article linked inside that Tango article doesn't mention fip/xfip, which I assume is something that Morrow looks at as well, since, those are kind of the best nerd stats for pitchers, and according to them, he's been pretty much one of the best pitchers in baseball if you look at those metrics.

Also speaking of Morrow, but also also speaking of pitch f/x, the umpire last night was dogshit (granted, for both teams).  I wonder if this has anything to do with why the M's hitters were swinging at so many high fastballs, or why the Jays didn't pick up a hit for the last 5 innings.

The Jays now head to Oakland for a rare Thurs-Sun 4-gamer.  Ricky Romero (!) gets the start tonight.  He's allowed 4 runs in his last 31 innings pitched, and Oakland kind of sucks, so let's do this.

Some other stuff:  Carlos Villanueva still hasn't thrown off a mound yet, but has been throwing from flat ground.  He'll probably need a couple of rehab appearances before coming back in about 2 weeksish?

Brian Tallet will begin his rehab assignment Thursday in Dunedin (Single-A).

John Farrell has apparently said that Brad Mills will get the start again this weekend.  I dunno, if I were Mills, I'd probably try a little harder to not suck.  It takes a special kind of guy to give up 6 runs in 3 innings against the Seattle Mariners.  And to be honest, he'll probably get at least one more after that before rosters expand. I'm not sure who's coming up and who's going to be shut down, but it looks like Dustin Mcgowan is going to get a callup for September, maybe Kyle Drabek too.  I'd be surprised if they went with a 7-man rotation, but 6 doesn't sound all that crazy... That ellipse is me hinting at not letting Mills start anymore once rosters expand.

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