Tuesday, 16 August 2011

John Farrell you piece of garbage.

I really hope he ego-googles his name every so often and reads this.  In fact, I'm going to steal a quick idea from Stoeten over at DJF and write Farrell a little lovenote.

Hi Mr. John,

I'm writing today to politely tell you to fuck off and learn how to manage your bullpen.  Specifically, did you know that Jon Rauch is a steaming 7ft. tall pile of shit?  I sure did.  Please stop allowing him to pitch on consecutive days, or at least in any kind of leverage situation on that second day.  I know that your bullpen is kind of weak right now, but if that giant piece of shit blows another game for this team, I might actually murder someone.

Secondly, Trever Miller is not a good option when Luis Perez is also there.  Thanks for bringing in the two worst relievers on the team in a one run game on the road.

Fuck-yourselfingly yours,


Didn't really mind the rest of the game though.  Henderson Alvarez kind of Brad Mills'ed it out there for a while, but it was only his second MLB start, so he obviously gets a pass.  Frankly, I didn't think he pitched overly bad, but the fastball location kind of has to be a bit better when they know the fastball is coming for  the most part.  As advertised earlier in the week (or yesterday?), Michael Pineda continued to be mediocre, as he's done since the all-star break, giving up 3 homers.  That obviously didn't stop Buck and Tabby from rinsing his balls with various creams and lotions.

In the ultimate contrast, we're going to get two guys tonight who couldn't break an egg with their fastballs in Brad Mills and Jason Vargas (and maybe Jon Rauch?).  This oughtta be a barnburner.

Yesterday was the deadline to sign 2010 draft picks, and the Jays failed to sign their first round selection Tyler Beede.  Before everyone goes shitting their pants about this, it's not really a big deal.  The Jays had more selections that anybody except for the Tampa Bay Rays, and by not signing Beede, they get the 22nd selection next year.  They also signed 3rd rounder Daniel Norris, who was thought to be unsignable, and Kevin Comer, who was also thought to be a tough sign due to being a Vanderbilt commit along with Beede.  I've since unfollowed Beede on twitter.  The Jays also inked Cristian Lopes and Matt Dean to over-slot deals.

Norris signing is a pretty big deal though.  Keith Law, in his pre-draft rankings, called him the best prep lefty in the draft, despite under-achieving this year.  His commitment to Clemson is what caused him to fall out of the first round.  I'm pretty sure I read something similar about Comer, but I can't find it right now (that might have actually been about Matt Dean, now that I think about it).

As previously mentioned, the Jays will get the 22nd selection in the draft next year, along with whatever their own pick is (currently projected as the 19th overall selection), unless they sign a type-A Free Agent (who rejects arbitration), as well as any picks they may receive from Type-B free agent compensation.

Elsewhere, personal favorite of mine Jim Thome hit his 599th and 600th career homeruns last night.  He does do twitter any more, but when he did, it was the best.  Zaunhead for JIMMERS FOR MASHING 600 TATERS FOR THE TWINNED CITIES.

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