Tuesday, 16 August 2011


There's some stuff I didn't mention earlier, mostly because I forgot to, but that other post was getting a little long anyway.

MLBTR revisits the Mike Napoli trades that occurred this offseason, the first being that for Vernon Wells, the second for Frank Francisco.  It's kind of ugly.

Second, the Elias sports bureau released their most recent Free Agent rankings.  Jose Molina is definitely still a Type-B free agent-to-be, and he'd pretty much have to get on base 0 times again for the rest of the year to lose it.  Aaron Hill is still firmly a Type-B, and I thought that that would have no significance to the teams offseason plans with regards to cutting his useless ass, but apparently, as MLB's Gregor Chisolm reports, the Jays aren't necessarily done with Aaron after the season.  Honestly, this could just be posturing because it's mean to say "Yeah we're cutting this useless piece of Jon Rauch."
On Aaron Hill…
“If he was 38 years old and at the end of of his career that would be one thing. But (the talent) still is in there and he’s flashed it at times, it just hasn’t come out on a regular basis. I would not rule it out, people thought Edwin Encarnacion wasn’t going to come back last year and then he did because he got hot at the end.
“We’re always open minded for Aaron still being a long-term part of this team.”

Anyway,  Edwin Encarnacion is now also a Type-B after being the bestest, most on fire-enessed bat in the world lately.  Hope that works out.

As for relievers, Jon Rauch (somehow) and Frank Francisco remain Type-B's, with Shawn Camp remaining not particularly close.

Finally (this post really should just be called "HEY EVERYBODY! Go to MLBTR and read the front page.) Tim at MLBTR writes down the potential trades the Chicago Cubs might figure out in order to unload Carlos Zambrano on some poor unsuspecting sap, and sure enough, he expects the Jays to "kick the tires", so to speak.  Among his ideas, Tim suggests that Mark Teahen's contract is bad enough to justify that trade (with a shitload of cash, obviously).
Zambrano and $12.5MM to Blue Jays for Mark Teahen.  The Cubs could attempt to use Teahen as a supersub next year.  But to Toronto, does Zambrano offer any advantage to Teahen?

Zambrano has the rest of this season,  plus next year's $18MM left on it, whereas Teahen still has $7MM between this and next season.  Closer of the future?


Trever Miller has been DFA'ed!  Who wants him?  I don't think there's been a corresponding move yet, but maybe Kyle Drabek?  Travis Snider?  I'm sure it's a pitcher, especially since Jon Rauch has been placed on the DL with appendicitis!  There hasn't been a corresponding move yet, but maybe Kyle Drabek?  Travis Snider?  I'm sure it's a pitcher.

Another update!

Ledezma and Rommie Lewis back up.  A guy can dream.

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