Thursday, 11 August 2011

Nooner, plus recap of last night

Naturally, I was at the bar during last night's game, which was broadcast on SN1, and therefore not on any TV set that I was at all close to.  I saw the highlight of the Lawrie slam though, and immediately stopped whatever I was doing at the time to overreact.

Then obviously some guy intentionally threw at Yunel and pretended like he didn't, which, I mean, is pretty dumb, but do the Jays ever retaliate when that happens?  Not really.

Afternoon game today.  Brad Mills goes out there to face the A's.  I find it rather convenient that Mills hasn't had to face a really good team yet, but that's probably partly intentional by the team, and part schedule.  He'll get to face Seattle in his next start if I'm not mistaken, so uhhh....

You may have heard about this sign stealing thing (if you haven't, you're not missing much, but are probably living under a rock).  I'm not going to write about it, mostly because it's been covered and talked about all over the place for the last day or so, but also because it's completely retarded and really doesn't deserve to be mentioned at all.  But congratulations on being retarded if you believe anything at all related to this story.

The Jays have announced the signing of 17th rounder Brady Dragmire, according to Perfect Game USA, via MLBTR.  When asked for comment, Dragmire replied "Who?"  But seriously, get to the important ones.  The deadline is one minute before midnight Monday, but I'm sure news of signings will drip in to late Tuesday.  I keep reading that Tyler Beede and Daniel Norris are definitely signing, but haven't seen anything about that yet, though I think a lot of higher picks wait until pretty close to the deadline before signing.

OK game started.  Gogogogogo.

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