Friday 26 August 2011

Unsuccessful series is unsuccessful

So yeah, that was frustrating.  Glad to see KC get the hell outta here after that series.  Sure the Jays won one of those games, but they got outplayed pretty severely pretty much the entire series.  I dunno, I'm over it.  I prefer ignoring games like last night's when that kind of thing happens.

Does anybody remember that time Adam Lind hit a bunch of homeruns over the span of like two weeks and had his average up to like .320 or something?  Yeah, he's currently at .257/.301/.447.  Two months ago today, he was hitting .314/.360/.569., and is 4-for-31 in his last 8 games, and hasn't walked in a month.  A MONTH.  Last season's Adam Lind is strikingly similar to the Adam Lind we've seen the last two months, so maybe that's just the real Adam Lind?  I mean, his peripheral stats are a little bit better as a whole this year than they were last year.  His babip is actually lower this year than it was last year, despite a much higher line drive rate.  Having said that, it just seems like all he's doing lately is striking out.  I would say that he's been slightly unlucky, but is also pressing pretty badly, getting impatient and swinging at a lot of bad pitches; last year he swung at an astonishing 35% of pitches outside of the zone, and has actually swung at more balls this year.  Travis Snider was sent to LV for that.

I guess John Farrell left the game last night with a muscle pain in his ribs.  I read somewhere that he may have been diagnosed with pneumonia, but I'm going to go ahead and say that that is probably wrong, as I've seen nothing else confirming that to this point.

Colby Rasmus has sat out the last two games with a wrist problem, and may need DL time.

Travis Snider is expected to miss 4-6 weeks, also with wrist problems.  He had an MRI the other day, which revealed tendonitis.  Snider being out 4-6 weeks probably means that he'll be out for the rest of the season, as there is almost exactly 5 weeks left, making this season a giant disaster.

Carlos Villanueva is set to make the first of three rehab appearances in the minors, before returning to the big club and joining the bullpen.

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