Wednesday, 31 August 2011

So Wil Ledezma was DFA'ed for that

Now I do remember ranting recently about Brian Tallet being the worst pitcher in the history of baseball, and that by no means should he ever enter a game in any sort of leveraged situation.  Well, my friends, it took literally 40 hours for him to not only come in to a 1-run game in extra innings, but to subsequently blow that lead and lose the game for the Jays without any incredible amount of effort.  Tallet went out there and got 1 out, throwing 23 pitches, just 9 for strikes.

I do remember reading on twitter last night that once Casey Janssen was determined to be no longer available (he has tightness in his back, otherwise he could have probably went out for the 10th inning), all that was left in the bullpen in terms of available pitchers were Dumb and Dumber, AKA Tallet and Rommie Lewis.  I'm still not sure why Frank Frank was a no-go, or what the plan was if this game went another couple innings, but whatever.

Now I also remember mentioning yesterday how losing a few games down the stretch isn't all that big of a deal, assuming there's an interest for a Type-A free agent out there, which is actually a pretty limited bunch of guys*, but I'm not sure if the losses have gotta be this obvious.  I'm not incredibly sure what there is to expect with Tallet in a ballgame other than exactly what happened, even if it's against the Baltimore Orioles.  The AAA season ends September 5th, at which point I'm sure at least one pitcher will come up as a September callup for expanded rosters, and I'm modestly confident that Tallet will be DFA'ed/released when there's another arm there to clean up the puke.

Speaking of September callups, Bluebird Banter lists the candidates for such an event here.  I'd go yes on PJ Walters and/or Brad Mills as the aforementioned puke cleaner though, but that's just me.

Brett Lawrie gets a Zaunhead for his 3-run tater.

*- Some of the potential targets include Prince Fielder, Albert Pujols (as if he's not a Cardinal next year), Chris Carpenter (though I'm not sure who would give up a draft pick for a 38-year old starter who isn't as good as he used to be), or maybe one of those silly closer types that the Jays desperately need to give up a draft pick for (Matt Capps, Ryan Madson, Koji Uehara, Heath Bell, Jonathan Papelbon to name a few).  I'm sure a lot of these guys won't be free agents, and even more won't be anywhere close to the Jays radar.

Jojo Reyes starts for the Orioles tonight.  When asked for comments, the entire Jays offense replied:

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