Monday, 15 August 2011

Epic (Ed)-Win!

That was fun!

Jose Bautista even hit himself a dinger.  Hopefully everything's all better on that front.  He went 3-for-4 with a walk, and gets his first Zaunhead in like a month or something, but Edwin walked off and went 2-for-5, raising his average to .287, and has raised his OPS to .808.  This last month has been cool.

Let's not forget about Brett Lawrie and Colby Rasmus either, who combined to do a little 9th inning rally to save this one for the Jays.  Colby came really close to hitting a dinger off Jordan Walden, but Brett Lawrie's RBI double fixed that.

In the top of the 10th inning, Jon Rauch somehow didn't blow it, allowing John Farrell to make another move in a string of weird coaching options.  John Mcdonald got to first on an infield single, which was followed by Yunel Escobar bunting.  STOP.  BUNTING.  Especially with your leadoff hitter!  You know, that guy who is batting .300 on the year and gets on base a lot.

Basically what Farrell told us yesterday is that he'd rather have Rajai Davis hit over Yunel Escobar, which is obviously horseshit.  This isn't rocket surgery, but you have a greater run expectancy with a runner on first and nobody out than you do with a runner on second and one out.  It seems like Manny Acta is the only manager in the majors who knows this (I'm pretty sure that this doesn't take in to account the fact that Yunel is an above average hitter, though I'm not sure that matters enough to make a difference).

Anyhow, it all worked out, and the Jays pretty much need to be ecstatic about winning 2 of 3 against the starting pitchers that went this weekend for Anaheim, though there's a chance that the Angels would say the same about Morrow-Romero-Cecil given the way they've pitched lately.

Rajai Davis yanked a hammy running to first base last night, and has been placed on the 15-day DL.  His season could very well be over.  Frequent Flyer Mike Mccoy has been recalled to take the roster spot.

Today is the deadline to sign 2011 draft picks, of which the Jays have several.  On that note, the Jays have signed sandwich pick Dwight Smith Jr. to a 800k signing bonus.  Smith was chosen with the selection that Alex Anthopoulos essentially purchased from the Rockies in the Miguel Olivo trade.  They have signed a couple other guys over the last few days, ranging from 3rd rounders to guys who will never amount to anything.

Fangraphs has a piece about the Jays 2010 draft class, detailing just how effing much they spent on signing guys.  It's a pretty cool read one year later.

They Jays get a 3-gamer with the lowly Mariners.  Henderson Alvarez and Brad Mills will start the first two, making it at least kind of possible that the Mariners score a run or two.

The Marlins have demoted Logan Morrison to AAA, despite the fact that he's been their third best hitter this year.  I expect him to be a Blue Jay before opening day next year.

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