Monday, 29 August 2011

I feel so...

Seriously, what was that?  I mean they get 3 HR's off Morrow on pitches that were outside the strikezone, and we get like 40 swinging strikes.

Then Wil Ledezma goes ahead and DFA's himself late in the game.  Honestly, I turned the game off after the Jays half of the 8th inning, when it was an already unreasonable 6-0, but still.  That's demoralizing.

But really (fuck you, this is my blog, I can start a paragraph with "but"), Wil Ledezma actually got himself DFA'ed after the game.  Acting Manager Don Wakamatsu said after the game "No one wants to have to go through that, but we talked about three starts in a row not getting into the sixth and the bullpen being overworked. Once we fell behind 6-0 we tried to piece it together and get through that ballgame."

Translation: Ledezma was getting DFA'ed after this one anyway, may as well let him throw an inning even though he can't get anybody out so we can save everyone else's arm.  As far as I can tell, the Jays haven't made a corresponding move yet, but I assume it will be a pitcher.  Perhaps Kyle Drabek?  I'm wondering if they opt to stick him in the bullpen for a while.  I suppose it's more likely to be PJ Walters, the not-yet-released-but-also-not-still-injured other piece in the Colby Rasmus trade, or maybe Alan Farina, a 25-year old reliever making his second ride in AA New Hampshire.  I could be wrong about this, though I certainly don't care to look it up, but I think AA leagues are starting their playoffs this week or possibly next, which could make that Farina call up less likely, though I suppose they let Hechavarria go to Las Vegas.  Maybe that's why they're taking so long to make a corresponding move though.

I was actually hoping that either Carlos Villanueva or Dustin Mcgowan would be the corresponding move, but it looks like Villy just made his first of three (?) rehab appearances yesterday, and I think Mcgowan is supposed to make another start or two in the minors before getting his shot.

Rajai Davis has started jogging and taking BP.  He fucked up his hamstring real good, sicking Mike Mccoy and DeWayne Wise on us when Colby Rasmus got hurt.  Thanks Raj.  He hopes to be back before the end of the season.

I guess Jon Rauch threw a bullpen session recently, which means that he should be back soon.  That makes me feel sad.

Former Blue Jay AJ Burnett sucks now, and Lucas from Fangraphs suggests due to his declining fastball velocity, that it's time to turn him in to a reliever.

TomTango, via Joe Poznanski, explains WPA (Win Probability Added).  I don't use WPA here, but I do watch the in-game scoreboards on Fangraphs, and they're plenty useful for single-game samples (i.e. Zaunheads*) and storytelling about games.

*-- As if anybody is getting a Zaunhead for yesterday's game.  Fuck.  Who?  Mike Mccoy, the one guy who managed to not strike out four fucking times?  Piss off.

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