Monday, 8 August 2011

Offday? Boooooooo

"This man" in this case, refers to the man who schedules offdays

Man, offdays are real boring.  I didn't write yesterday because I was tired, and hungover, and knew Ricky was going to go out and Ricky, so there was no real need... I guess?

Hey, Brett Lawrie hit a homerun.  Zaunhead right?  Wrong, John Mcdonald had a 3 hit game, and he's probably never going to get another chance to get a Zaunhead, so consider that.  We'll also give Colby Rasmus one for his performance on Saturday.

The Jays will now return home to Toronto to face Vernon Wells and the Anaheim Angels of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Angels or whatever the official name of that team is.  That one obviously begins tomorrow.  ZZZZZZZZZ.

I guess, at this point, there is nothing really to do but scour the internet for baseball-related things, because that's what I do.  So....

Jays stuff first-- Jon Rauch was unavailable yesterday out of the bullpen thanks to some knee irritation.  I assume that it was rugburn for blowing so many guys saves.

That's funny.

OK, OK, simmer down.  Carlos Villanueva underwent an MRI the other day, and it turns out that there was no structural damage, but inflammation in the forearm.  Villy was DL'ed the other day after his last start and should be eligible to return sometime next week.

The Jays recently signed Chad Gaudin and assigned him to AAA Las Vegas.  He was released by the Nats like 2 weeks ago.

Dustin Mcgowan alert!  Mcgowan made a rehab start at AA New Hampshire the other day, apparently reaching 96MPH and routinely being around 95.  He's expected to make a long awaited comeback sometime in September after missing more than 2 years due to shoulder surgeries.

Sportsnet's Shi Davidi has a little thingy about the progress of Kyle Drabek.  23 years old?  And still in AAA?  Guy's finished.  No, really, apparently he's getting there.

Is anyone still kind of confused by WAR?  If so, Dave Cameron at Fangraphs clears up a quick misconception about what WAR tries to tally, after a tweet by Buster Olney questioned positional adjustments.  If you're at all confused by WAR, you should read this.

Stephen Strasburg made his first rehab start in Single A last night.  He threw 35 pitches, 29 for strikes, over 1.2IP, allowing 3 hits and striking out 4.  I still think they're crazy for letting him pitch at all this year, but heh, I'm just a guy behind a laptop screen.

Chase Utley threw his bat at Tim Lincecum last night, albeit accidentally.  Tried to find a gif of it, couldn't.  It should show up soon though.

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